On Saturday

Serena Williams cartoon ‘not about race’

If you follow tennis or Twitter, at all, you’ve probably seen the cartoon showing Serena Williams stomping on her racket in her United States Open loss on Sept 8, with her features exaggerated into a caricature.

Damien Cave, Sep 15 2018

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Where Facebook whipped up hate

Decades of ethnic and religious tensions, a sudden explosion of internet access, and a company that had trouble identifying and removing the most hateful posts.It all added up to a perfect storm in Myanmar, where the United Nations says Facebook had a “determining role” in whipping up anger against the Rohingya minority.

Anisa Subedar, Sep 15 2018

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Should we stop reading into authors’ lives and get back to their books?

As soon as the news of VS Naipaul’s death broke a few weeks ago, a thousand think pieces rose as one, as though to take his place. His legacy was both attacked and defended, his misogyny and racism condemned and forgiven.

Nell Stevens, Sep 15 2018

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The misunderstood queen

Junge, Junge, Junge—I never knew you were so contemptible—were my thoughts after I finished reading Sheeba Shah’s latest historical novel, ‘The Other Queen,’ based on the life of the fifth Shah king’s junior wife—Queen Rajendra Lakshmi.

Alisha Sijapati, Sep 15 2018

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Paranoid parasites

It seems that our ruling clowns see conspiracies everywhere. Our greatest communist government on Earth is acting more like an insecure coalition government instead of one commanding a two-third majority in the House.

Guffadi, Sep 15 2018

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The thin blue line

Wednesday was special. It was late in the evening when I read the news reports of a couple from the far-western district of Kanchanpur, wandering in Kathmandu in search of justice for their 13-year-old daughter who had been raped and murdered nearly two months ago.

Mohan Guragain, Sep 15 2018

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Down to the river

During his concert performances in the 80s, Bruce Springsteen would often tell a story, long and rambling, about his fractious relationship with his father. Sometimes, the story ended on a good note, with his hard-nosed father accepting the life his singer-songwriter son had chosen.

Sep 15 2018

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Nepalgunj: another day, another struggle

As a photographer, I indulge in the streets. I believe that a city’s pulse is best felt, and the evidence of life best seen, in the living streets where each day thousands converge—each set on their own path. This city is a bewildering, beautiful mess because a hundred thousand stories co-exist here, all at once.

Sep 15 2018

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Ten films to watch in September

A Simple Favor Director Paul Feig has been one of the most successful directors of comedy of the past decade—with Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy and Ghostbusters, he not only delivered massive laughs but also revealed the huge, and almost always neglected, audience for raunchy, sometimes gory, female-driven comedies.

Christian Blauvelt, Sep 15 2018

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Life is elsewhere

Most recent theatre scripts read like adolescent diaries. The play consequently unfolds like CCTV footage of a person’s life. “There is no artistic distillation of life,” Rajan Khatiwada, a veteran theatre actor and artistic director of Mandala Theatre, lamented in November last year, during an interview with the Post, “If I want a raw slice of life, I will go to Asan Bajar.”


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