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Squeezed by an India-China standoff, Bhutan holds its breath

Haa, Bhutan—India’s main garrison in the Kingdom of Bhutan sits only 13 miles from a disputed border with China. There is a training academy, a military hospital, a golf course—all testament to India’s enduring role defending this tiny Himalayan nation.

Steven Lee Myers, Aug 19 2017

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Nepal’s battle for souls

Ram Maya Sunar had two miscarriages. Then she had a daughter, who died of pneumonia when she was one. “My second child died from tuberculosis at just six months.

Pete Pattison, Aug 19 2017

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Measure impact, not adulation

Rajendra Parajuli, whose collection of short stories—Shukraraj Shashtri ko Chasma—has been nominated for this year’s Madan Puraskar, has four story collections, one poetry anthology and a novel to his name. Parajuli,

Samikshya Bhattarai, Aug 19 2017

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All aboard

How do you go about striking a conversation with a total stranger without sounding like a creep? Imagine the stranger is elegant, composed and beautiful, one who immediately strikes your fancy and then captures the better part of your mind.

Timothy Aryal, Aug 19 2017

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On the streets, my sorrow breathes

When I walk throughthe always open doors at work,I take off the heaviness in my heart,put on a smile,some kajal,

Yukta Bajracharya, Aug 19 2017

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Let there be light

Who’s afraid of the dark? Or rather who does not have the fear of facing the star-lit night, staring at them in deafening silence in the midst of their utter loneliness? The breeze caressing one’s shin like a cat brushing past with its fluffy tail, the wind howling, two shiny eyes fixing a gaze on you.


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In Government We Don’t Trust!

Our incompetent government has decided to release a billion Rupees from the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund to our Home Ministry to help the folks affected by floods and landslides in the country.

Guffadi, Aug 19 2017

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Swept away

Almost a week since the floods, the water levels in affected districts have been gradually receding. In the past one week, 35 districts were affected, displacing more than 18,300 families, and affecting at least 75,000 families.

Post Report, Aug 19 2017

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Lessons learnt?

This week, the government imposed restrictions on non-governmental agencies and private individuals from dispensing relief materials to those affected by the floods that have inundated large ports of the Tarai without coordination with the authorities.

Binod Ghimire, Aug 19 2017

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After the flood

Floods are devastating but its aftermath can be just as deadly. Even as homes and properties remain submerged, the threat of the outbreak of diseases, many of them life-threatening, looms large.

Manish Gautam, Aug 19 2017

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On Thursday, Sunita Rai of Itahari Submetropolitan City, Gairigaun-4, spent the whole day digging through her home, now caked with a thick layer of mud and debris.


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Hoping against hope

Even a river flows backwards once every twelve years,” says Parbati Rajak, a 41-year-old tea shop operator in Hatkhola, Biratnagar, quoting a Nepali adage on resilience, “So, is there any option but to pick ourselves up and try to restart all over again?”

Milan Poudel, Aug 19 2017

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Unlikely heroes

When floods triggered by incessant rainfall this week gushed into homes and began sweeping people away, many residents in the flood-hit regions in the Tarai were caught flat footed.


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