On Saturday

The woman helping Mongolians die with dignity

Odontuya Davaasuren was 17 years old, studying paediatrics far from home in Leningrad, Russia when her father died of lung cancer in Mongolia.

Anu Anand, Jun 24 2017

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Pakistani citizens gasp for clean air

Furhan Hussain moved to Islamabad seeking fresher air, only to find Pakistan’s leafy capital in a semi-permanent haze. Frustrated, he joined a vanguard of citizens monitoring pollution themselves amid a void in government data.

Agence France-Presse, Jun 24 2017

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Misprint the legends: famous typos from James Joyce to JK Rowling

Proofreaders may be worth their weight in gold to authors, but their oversights have proved lucrative for some lucky readers of JK Rowling.

Danuta Kean, Jun 24 2017

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Changing perceptions in South Asia

Despite having close cultural, social and economic ties spanning millennia, countries in South Asia seem to be embroiled in a never-ending display of confusion, suspicion, misconception and a lack of understanding about each other and specially about India.


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Yoga for all!

Let us all congratulate our King Deuba for finally moving to Baluwatar at five in the morning. Maybe this is the first time His Majesty has woken up this early in his life.

Guffadi, Jun 24 2017

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Talking to my block

You are so familiar. We suffer a mutual block. It is inside our minds somewhere. You say it is because we are too wired. I want to ask what you mean. But I don’t. I just type: Haha.

Prateebha Tuladhar, Jun 24 2017

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Silence descends

By the time I huff and haul my way up Swoyambhu, the Gyanmala Bhajan Khaala is just about wrapping up their morning session.

Sanjit Bhakta Pradhananga, Jun 24 2017

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Dolpo A day in Tso

The sun spills out into the morning, unveiling the arid landscape that flanks Ringmo, known to locals as just Tso. The village, which has 45 households, is slowly stirring to its morning chores, smoke billowing away from the roofs to join the clouds.

Jun 24 2017

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‘Nature is my muse’

Singer Ganga Bardaan is a man of more than just a few eccentricities. In the middle of a conversation, he suddenly remembers a certain song, looks for affirmation from his possible audience, clears his throat and then bellows out the notes.

Jun 24 2017

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Mummy issues

Army reconnaissance sergeant and secret pilferer of ancient antiquities, Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and his buddy Chris (Jake Johnson) have just stumbled upon something huge.

OBIE SHRESTHA, Jun 24 2017

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Dying of diarrhea

Each year, during wet monsoons or the cold, dry winter, parents flock to the emergency and OPD units at the Kanti Children’s Hospital, infants afflicted with severe diarrhea in tow.

Manish Gautam, Jun 24 2017

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Saurav’s second coming

On a sunny day at the Tribhuvan University Cricket Stadium, cricketer Saurav Khanal is surrounded by a herd of fans. Well-built and muscular, Khanal, who represented the Western Development Region team in the recently-concluded Prime Minister Cup, is getting used to all the attention by now.

Adarsha Dhakal, Jun 24 2017

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