Adolescents represent the largest and healthiest section of the population in the country. However, they are afflicted early on by high levels of stress—a condition where one feels pressurised, tense, heavy and irritated.

Jun 23 2017

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Remember the population bomb? It’s still ticking

In tiny Lesotho, a landlocked kingdom in southern Africa, about one-third of its estimated two million people spent much of the past two years in danger of starving because of the lingering effects of a drought.

EUGENE LINDEN, Jun 23 2017

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Helpless giant

Venerable Tribhuvan University (TU) is neck-deep in problems—a resource crunch, management lapses, decaying buildings, agitating teachers and falling student enrolment.


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Waist side story

The good thing about your maternal grandmother’s home is that you can go there when school is out and have a really great time.

ALOK ATREYA, Jun 23 2017

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Frosty again

Little Havana in Miami is a long way from Cuba. Yet on Saturday Donald Trump chose this place, where Cuban-Americans are predominant, to evaluate what he called the “worsening human rights situation on the island”.

The Statesman, Jun 23 2017

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The baffled voters

The recently concluded first phase of local elections have pointed to a marked need for voter education.

Umesh Raj Regmi, Jun 23 2017

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War on words

Senior journalist Kishore Nepal wrote a feature on Uma Subedi, a prominent woman fiction writer, in the June 16 issue of Saptahik weekly with the headline ‘I am not a terrorist feminist’.

Archana Thapa, Jun 23 2017

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