Why Jacinda Ardern matters

Auckland, New Zealand—Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, has been exemplary in her response to the massacre in Christchurch, where 50 Muslims were killed in two mosques by an Australian white supremacist and his accomplices.

Sushil Aaron, Mar 22 2019

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The poet who planted trees

I got lost when I went looking for W.S. Merwin. The Peahi Valley is not easy to find. I drove the Hana Highway at dawn, back and forth along the windward coast of Maui. On one side was the electric-blue ocean; on the other an emerald curtain of jungle.

A Hope Jahren, Mar 22 2019

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Pillars of road safety

With a person dying on the roads every 30 seconds, more than 3,500 per day, over 1.25 million per year, and as many as 50 million injuries worldwide, road crashes are the ninth leading cause of death globally.


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The girl with the signboard

The Paris agreement was thought to be a landmark agreement to help combat the changing climate.


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On the wrong side of history

It would be redundant to say that the proliferation of social media has led to a multiplicity of opinions. Everybody has a view today, as they rightly should.

Amish Raj Mulmi, Mar 22 2019

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Rejected by one’s own

I had previously written on the Citizenship Act of 1951 and the fact that Section 10 does not allow a Pakistani woman to confer citizenship on a foreign spouse.

RAFIA ZAKARIA, Mar 21 2019

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India and the Pacific Region

The focus of international politics changes along with the rise and decline of powers. The Europe that dominated world politics for a long time discontinued to do so following the emergence of the two superpowers in the post-Second World War context.

LOK RAJ BARAL, Mar 21 2019

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A necessary evil

The mention or even the thought of nuclear weapons sends jitters down the spines of almost everyone. The reaction is universally one of horror and rejection. On the morrow of the Balakot raid by the IAF Mirage warplanes, half the people the writer personally heard reminded him that Pakistan has the atom bomb.

Prafull Goradi, Mar 21 2019

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Rebels without a cause

Two government decisions that came close on the heels of each other have hogged the headlines for some days now. The first was the agreement with CK Raut to end his proto-secessionist movement, and the second was the proscription on the Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplab’-led Communist Party of Nepal.

DEEPAK THAPA, Mar 21 2019

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Trump encourages violence emotion

The president of the United States suggested last week that his political supporters might resort to violence if they didn’t get their way.


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Getting into college

As a first-generation college student, I was always told that college was a place you had to earn your way into and that once you got there, the playing field was totally equal. I saw the admissions process as a kind of sorting procedure, one based solely on merit.

Jennine Capó Crucet, Mar 19 2019

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The megaprojects conundrum

Nepal’s record of delivering large infrastructure projects on time is dismal. Here are a few examples. There are many others.

Naresh Koirala, Mar 19 2019

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Higher education in crisis

Nepal’s deepening economic woes and political perils can be attributed to the poorly managed education system, higher education to be specific, and its persistently pathetic outcomes.

ACHYUT WAGLE, Mar 19 2019

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Hasty deal with Raut

The 11-point agreement signed between the government and the Alliance for Independent Madhesh came as a shock in the current political scene.


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The forgotten half

Many school-going boys in Payyatola, a remote village in Sayal rural municipality of Doti, cannot wait till they are old enough to travel to India for work. Migrating seasonally to India in search of employment has been the norm for the men in this village for many generations.


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