Highway robbery

The other day, I was travelling to Pokhara from the Capital on one of the tourist buses departing from Bhaktapur.

Nirajan Pudasaini, Oct 18 2017

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Myanmar’s internal probe

A military appointed committee is looking into Myanmar’s operation in the Rakhaine state. The irony here is that Myanmar authorities on the one hand have refused entry to a UN panel wishing to investigate allegations of persecution of the Rohingyas while on the other, the self-appointed committee is investigating on the premise of two questions: Whether the military units deployed follow the military code of conduct and whether troops strictly follow the chain of command.

The Daily Star, Oct 18 2017

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Equidistance is fantasy

During the Nepal Investment Summit held last March, Chinese partnerships assured investments totalling $8.3 billion, way greater than the Indian pledge of $317 million.


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The communist dream

The CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre have been intense rivals over the past decade, possessing drastically different worldviews and constituencies. Both parties have the word ‘communist’ in their names, but this hasn’t result in much commonality.


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Animal citizens of Kathmandu

When first arriving in Kathmandu, the most visually striking element was, to me, the dogs.

JAKE STOREY, Oct 17 2017

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It’s not all Trump’s fault

If the modern Republican Party can be said to stand for anything, it is tax relief. Yet as the Republican effort to write and pass tax legislation develops, it looks increasingly possible—


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Back to the village

Migration is coded in our genes; people have always been moving around. The Out of Africa theory postulates that Homo sapiens migrated to the rest of the world around 70,000 years ago in search of food and a better life.

PC WASTI, Oct 17 2017

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Someday, when the children of our migrant labourers take charge of this country, maybe we will succeed in becoming like Singapore.

Oct 17 2017

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Shielding the rapists

We are appalled to hear that the police at Tetulia, Panchagarh earlier refused to register a case against two rapists who repeatedly raped a girl and blackmailed her threatening to release a video clip of the incident, leading the girl to commit suicide. Police filed a case of “unnatural death”.

The Daily Star, Oct 17 2017

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Dynamics and geo-politics

On October 3, the mainstream communist party, CPN-UML, and the main faction of combative communists, Maoist Centre, forged an electoral alliance.

Jainendra Jeevan, Oct 17 2017

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A case for good governance

Ideally, how to make governance more ‘pro-public’ should be the basic concern of the government of Nepal. Towards this aim, ‘governance reform’ is being sought and deliberated upon, but more often than not, without any logical consequence.

Madhukar Sjb Rana, Atul K ThakurOct 17 2017

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Beyond the handshake

The entire world’s attention is on China this week. A news analysis in the New York Times titled Xi Jinping and China’s new era of glory argues “how China was laid low by foreign countries in the 19th and 20th centuries but is now on the path back to glory.”


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The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) made a welcome move a few months ago regarding universal health coverage.

Oct 13 2017

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The silence of the men

I went to Hollywood when I was 23. I had made a low-budget film, won an award at a prestigious festival, scored an agent and made a TV deal all within six months.

LENA DUNHAM, Oct 13 2017

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