We need a global bank of germs

Scientists propose a way to preserve microbes that may save us one day

SARAH SCHENCK, Nov 20 2018

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Plato and Facebook

Technology promises to make easy things that, by their intrinsic nature, have to be hard

BRET STEPHENS, Nov 20 2018

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Unleashing e-commerce

Back in 2011, when I started Sastodeal.com with my friends, the word ‘online’ was alien to the market and households. People laughed at the idea of buying and selling online. Merely 9 percent of Nepal’s population had access to the internet. This was also the time when the e-commerce giant Amazon US clocked in $48 billion in annual net sales.

Amun Thapa, Nov 20 2018

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Poor lawmaking record

As the federal government races to compile a list of achievements ahead of its first 100 days in office, there remains a glaring omission: legislation. There has been one legislative achievement of the government so far: the Finance (Supplementary) Act, 2018, which was arguably more of an economic necessity than a legislative success.

DAWN, Nov 20 2018

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sky is not the limit

Nepal Airlines Corporation can do better in the coming days if it opts for a strategic international partner that is trustworthy, well established and committed to promoting the Nepali tourism market abroad (‘Ethiopian Airlines woos Nepal Airlines’, October 15, 2018, TKP).

Nov 20 2018

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Part of the problem

As #MeToo gains prominence in Nepal, men must check their privilege

Bikash Gupta, Nov 20 2018

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Reversing reforms

Nepal is stepping back further rather than moving forward

Sujeev Shakya, Nov 20 2018

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