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Beyond the paradigm

As a student of management, I have been studying the theoretical definition of management and many of its theories. According to the textbook definition, management is “the process of dealing with or controlling things or people”. But I wonder if this definition works in the real life.

Saroj Wagle, Dec 05 2018

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Flawed dreams

There has been a long-standing tradition of a yearly exodus that sees thousands of Nepali students embark on a journey to make something more meaningful out of their lives.

Sarans Pandey, Dec 05 2018

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About time

When the clock suddenly struck two in the morning, its sharp ticking pierced my ears. The sensation then ran through my body as if by force and my eyes opened wide. I moved my eyes towards the clock’s direction at once but the unveiling darkness covered it and blocked my sight.

Ujjwal Jha, Dec 05 2018

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Old Fossil

Scars, blisters and spots so familiar,Tells me the fable of young bright days.Forgotten are popsicles and gummy bears,Faded are the rosemaries of summer.

Pabina Sapkota, Dec 05 2018

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A friendship unrequited

I read somewhere that a non-reciprocated relationship can cause you great danger.

Rishikesh Upadhyaya, Nov 28 2018

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Nostalgia for the nineties

When looking through my Facebook page, I occasionally come across posts that state, “You’ll understand if you’re a 90s kid” or “Proud to be a 90s kid”.


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Flying away

In the land of my heart,Are the birds of my dreams.I don’t know where they will go next.Wings have taken flight,And now says my sight,You’ve finally awoken,

Aashish Dhakal, Nov 28 2018

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Drawing the line

I mindfully tread a very careful line so as to not engage in heated exchanges about all things race, culture or gender. I do this in part because everyone has different experiences and I don’t want to be tendentious or discount others’ ideals by enforcing my own personal prejudices or passions. But every so often, I can’t help speak out.


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I am woman, hear me roar

Not every girl gets to hold a pen or engrave her writings on sheets of paper like we are privileged to do. We will never dare to put ourselves in the shoes of those innocent feet, which never get to approach education, as they were chopped off by the barriers of prejudice. We will never be able to see ourselves in those places, which have forever been haunted and preyed upon by the vices of ignorance and isolation. We live in the same heavenly body, but we inhabit different worlds.


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Them insomnia and them sleeping pillscaptures my nightand my nightmares are just ordinary scapegoatsoon they are worshipped and it make me dizzylike a ride of Columbus swinging over the overrated skyand even the sky feels tangible like a feeling of hatred

Saurav Bashyal, Nov 21 2018

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Road to success

All he could think was: “How to prove that bastard wrong?” He kept on questioning himself, “Is it true that I am really good for nothing? Is it really true that only education can lead one to success?” This thought occupied the better part of his mind for a long time.

Ujwal Jha, Nov 21 2018

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Untold fairytales

Awaited: my heartFeels,Serene: my soulWrites,thou untold fairytales,buried in thy insularity,


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A place where my roots lie

In the summer of 2010, I came to Pulchowk Campus for the first time in my life and it was love at first sight. Like most students who stood in the long line seeking entrance that year, I desperately wanted to study at this place.

Shiva Bhusal, Nov 21 2018

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Shortcuts to success

When I first came to Kathmandu, it was a different place. Nowadays, I find corruption and ill practices everywhere in Kathmandu. I don’t understand why people are cheating others and indulging in such activities.

Saroj Wagle, Nov 14 2018

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