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Ask me about the stars and the constellations.Tell me how childish I am for still making a wish over a falling star.Ask me about the last time I cried.Convince me that a sign of mere frailty is not what tears are.

Binny Tamang, Jun 20 2018

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Thursday, April 5, 2018I have been falling the whole time,so peaceful and calm.But, always in an illusionthat I should be the one flyingthe one reaching places,the one searching for others facesand the one in a vicious circle.

Rupak Dhakal, Jun 20 2018

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Love arrives like tea powderAdding colour and taste to life(Provided it is heated well!)The colour blends slowlyNo rush, no fear, no fussThen once they infuseThey never leave you

Razat Thapa, Jun 20 2018

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I have always been obsessed with the word self-love. Social media is mostly occupied by it with numerous quotes and articles upon articles written on it. But I was never interested in the topic, perhaps at the time, I felt sufficiently loved and so, was complacent.

Rabina Karki, Jun 20 2018

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Football mania is sweeping the entire globe. Is there anyone who isn’t enchanted by the World Cup? I would not trust that person if I ever met them. Every four years, the World Cup brings the world together and this summer’s football carnival promises to enthrall.

Sanjog Karki, Jun 20 2018

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We are headed south

The sound of thunder woke me up in a sudden shock. My eyes were soft with sleep and my body limp. As I threw away the blanket and sat upright, a flash of white came zig-zagging down the sky, striking the earth and rattling everything. For a second, the room lit up and its every detail became visible. I looked at the clock. It was 4 am. A loud rumbling followed soon after and my heart swelled in excitement.

Pratik Mainali, Jun 20 2018

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