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You and I

You were a free falling featherSwaying in the September breezeWhich I had watched from a distance,Smiling,

Bibhuti Shah, Feb 13 2019

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Those childhood days

Sleeping late in the morning till the sun shinesUsually mom knocked on the door of mineTea, chapati, and food came in my bedNo responsibility on my head

DEV SINGH MALI, Feb 13 2019

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A Jewish girl in Hitler’s Germany

It is often said that the flower that grows in adversity is often the rarest and most beautiful of them all. There is a great deal of truth in this statement.

Salim Maharjan, Feb 13 2019

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Nepal and the Paris Agreement

Nepal is party to the United Nations Framework on Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC) and has ratified the Paris Agreement, adopted during the 21st session of the UNFCCC.

Pukar Wagley, Feb 13 2019

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Mamma Mouse

The early chill of wintry nightWrecked dampness in the house“Oh the fire has gone out,”Said the mamma mouseWith a gloomy countenance sheGlanced beneath her fur

MANSI KARNA, Feb 06 2019

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How to get rich

There is a quote by Warren Buffet: “Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.” This quote means a lot to me when it comes to money and investment in my life.

Saroj Wagle, Feb 06 2019

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Death can be beautiful

When your hatred binds the love you possess,tightly from root to tip,to its last breath,death of hatred can be beautiful.When your ego seems greater than humbleness,

Sandesh Pandey, Feb 06 2019

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A wave stirring my mind

Why are there so many miseries in life?Why are some people so strong and most of us so weak?Why are there so many barriers that deviate us from the path to the peak?Why do people boast so much about the worldly possessions? Isn’t that very pathetic?

Namu Timilsina, Feb 06 2019

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Walking alone

Not only children but even adult Nepalis seem to depend on each other to visit the washroom. I’m pretty sure we’ve encountered those people who seek company simply to go to washroom.

Raman Budhathoki, Feb 06 2019

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Through the shadows

Shadows are an inherent, indispensable part of us—the reality that shows the difference between light and dark. It is the connecting link that bridges the gap between those two extremes.

Ujjwal Jha, Jan 30 2019

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Until enigma surmounts,Ambles around the labyrinth of life,Being a wanderer,In a rummage of bliss.

Rupak Paudel, Jan 30 2019

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The world through a keyhole

I still remember that day,When I was made to obey,To sit inside a big lorry truck,Without my gown and frock.

Sitaram Karki, Jan 30 2019

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Constitutional amendments in the state of Texas

Elections are a vital process for any democratic nation, and for elections to be efficient and reliable, the legislative government sets a list of requirements that citizens must meet in order to be eligible to vote.

Nabin Shrestha, Jan 30 2019

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The way we eat is killing us

The distinguished medical journal The Lancet has issued not one but two apocalyptic warnings about our food in under a month. One of its special commissions reported earlier this month that civilisation itself was at risk from the effects of the current food system on both human health and the Earth’s ecosystems.

Felicity Lawrence, Jan 30 2019

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