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Social media polarises and radicalises

Barely a week goes by without government ministers or MPs warning Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube (a subsidiary of Google), Instagram or WhatsApp (both owned by Facebook) that they must do more to prevent radical or dangerous ideas being spread.

Charles Arthur, Mar 13 2019

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Muslim women need to be heard

The politics of the Muslim woman remains wrapped up in “debate”. The oppressed-terrorist-bride complex is rampant within our societal infrastructures—and it’s still deeply ingrained in the consciousness of the supposedly reasonable “man on the Clapham omnibus”.

Raifa Rafiq, Mar 13 2019

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I hated everything about swimming

For years, I would start every morning with a good cry. My alarm would go off at 4:45am—the latest I could possibly leave it—and I would sit at the end of my bed and sob for a solid few minutes.

Maria Lewis, Mar 13 2019

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Paying higher bills

Money management is not easy at the best of times. Choosing the right deal, setting up standing orders, checking you’re not over or underpaying, switching providers—the whole thing can be overwhelming.

Emily Reynolds, Mar 06 2019

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Stripping devotees of their basic humanity

Walking around my city recently, I’ve been experiencing an odd and dislocated feeling of vertigo, as though the world is veering on a precipice and, without wanting to sound too dramatic,


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The world is in a bad way

At a time when every week’s weird weather seems to bring fresh news of how manmade climate change could destroy everything we know and love, it seems almost trite to point out that the challenges we face as a society are vast and complex.

TOM WHYMAN, Mar 06 2019

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The legal profession is rife with prejudice

The barrister Joanna Hardy took to Twitter to highlight sexism in the legal profession last week. In one of her tweets, she wrote: “If you’re a male in a male-heavy case, don’t ask the female counsel to fetch the coffee/pour your water.

Charlotte Proudman, Feb 20 2019

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Bees brought Bavarians together

Last week, Bavarians forced their state legislature to change farming policies with the most successful petition in the state’s history. And while the law proposed by the petition covers a range of measures,

Christian Bock, Feb 20 2019

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Wake up, humanity!

When is the future no longer the future? Only a decade ago, air travel seemed to be moving ineluctably towards giant planes, or “superjumbos”.

Steven Poole, Feb 20 2019

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The NHS lives by co-operation. Privatisers are still trying to wreck it

Some bad ideas are very hard to kill. The NHS in England is finally trying to strangle the notion that competition between hospitals is like competition between supermarkets, an anti-cartel spur to quality and low prices.

POLLY TOYNBEE, Feb 13 2019

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And the Bafta for the dated awards ceremony goes to

Deja vu is a common complaint during awards season. The same faces shuffle down a carpet. There are whopping frocks and usually some interpretative dance.

Catherine Shoard, Feb 13 2019

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Why study English?

The lack of science, maths and language teachers has been talked about for years. But a shortage of English teachers has gone under the radar. Although last year’s target for new trainees was met, in the two previous years it was missed. English used to be among the most popular subjects, both to teach and to learn.


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Is Europe in the grip of conspiracy theories ?

Will conspiracy theories dominate the European parliament elections in May? They’ve become worryingly rife, and liberal democrats are having a tough time countering them.

Natalie Nougayrède, Feb 06 2019

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