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Beautiful dreamer

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Beautiful dreamer

Jun 17, 2013-

It was in 2011 that Malina Joshi was crowned Miss Nepal, and it’s been a steady rise into celeb status since. Not only has Malina done various fashion shows, and proven a regular at social events, she is also soon to make her debut in films with Ritu, directed by Manoj Adhikari and co-starring Raj Ballav Koirala. But Malina doesn’t want to stop there—she is a dreamer who believes that life is all about aiming high and working hard to get there. The Post’s Rajita Dhungana caught up with the dynamic beauty to talk about her career and her interests beyond work. Excerpts.

From being a pageant winner to now taking on films with your debut in Ritu...was this a transition you’d always anticipated?

Honestly, I’d never thought about entering films. But when I was offered a script that I felt was good and innovative, and the opportunity to work with a talented co-star, I couldn’t pass that up. And it was an added bonus that the film was shot in Australia, a beautiful location. Everything seemed to come together, so I decided to go ahead with it.

What was the experience of acting like for you?

I was really uncomfortable for the first few days of shooting, but eventually got used to it. That level of comfort had a lot to do with the fact that this was a story I could identify with to some extent—not all of it, of course—and it gave me the freedom to sort of feel my way into the character and get under her skin.

You’ve already done an item number for a Nepali film, and your new film is going to be released soon. Does this mean you’re getting cozy in Kollywood?

I did the item number because the song was good and I thought the concept was interesting, but it’s not something I’d like to do again, really. As for acting, I’ve really enjoyed myself working on Ritu, and if a similarly promising project came up in the future, I’m fairly certain I’d take it up too. There’s a distinct escapism that acting holds for me; I can immerse myself in a particular shot, and forget anything stressful or difficult that might be going on in my real life.

Does Ritu represent the kind of movies you like to watch? Romantic dramas?

Yeah, I guess you could say that. I used to be a huge movie buff at one point of time, and watched practically all the films that ran in theatres. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to watch everything these days, so whenever I do have time, I stick to romantic flicks. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was the last such film I watched and I absolutely loved it.

What else do you do in your free time besides watch movies?

At the moment, I don’t really have too much ‘free time’ as such because my days are completely packed. Things are especially hectic now that we’re about to start a new magazine called NGlam, and I’m going to be working as the business development executive in the team. So I’m basically running around trying to get things done most days; sometimes I don’t even get time to talk to my parents in Dharan.

Let’s hope you get time to eat at least...what kind of cuisine do you prefer?

The thing is, I love meat in all its forms. But I really do want to try to cut down, so for a month now, I’ve been trying to not eat non-vegetarian food, and hope that in a few months time, I’ll be able to convert fully to vegetarianism. One of my favourite dishes in the whole world is actually the raajma and pulaau my elder sister makes. She is an excellent cook.

Do you miss home-cooking when you’re travelling? You must get to travel a lot.

No, home-cooking has its place, but travelling is all about exploring new places, new people and trying new things. If there’s one thing the Miss Nepal pageant has done, it’s giving me the opportunity to visit places like the UK and Australia, besides getting to travel all over Nepal as well. Even if I can’t manage long vacations at the moment, I try to take short trips to, say, the Park Village Resort or the Gokarna Resort with my best friends, or just hang out with them somewhere close by.

Travelling so extensively must have had an impact on your personal style? Has it evolved, do you think?

I’ve always been more of a jeans and t-shirt person, and although I’ve probably picked up a few different style elements along the way, I don’t think my fashion sense has changed extensively over the years. Besides, it’s about being comfortable while looking presentable, and being able to carry things well. Sometimes, when I’m in the mood or if an occasion demands it, I’ll throw on something different like a floral skirt, a cocktail dress or even a sari.

Would you say the Miss Nepal experience has been all positive in terms of your personal growth?

I’m certainly much happier now than I used to be, because my life feels fuller and a lot more people know me. But then again, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies; there’s this added pressure on you...People scrutinise everything you say, do or wear, even what you post as your Facebook status. I wouldn’t take the experience back for anything in the world, but being judged so critically and so constantly can get rather difficult.

Published: 18-06-2013 09:29

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