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online : What’s new in the Web World?

- Lakshmi Kumaraswami
online : What’s new in the Web World?

Jun 17, 2013-

Spell Uncheck

HW R U? LOL. SRY. We’ve all been guilty of misspelling or abbreviating words online.

We check out which social network has the poorest spellers.

Star of the week

The Heroic Geek

On January 10, Edward Snowden, 29, went from being a tech geek to an online hero within seconds. He was revealed as the whistleblower who leaked secrets of the US’s National Security Agency spy programme PRISM.Snowden disclosed that PRISM enabled in-depth surveillance of web content-including emails, video chats, social media posts and pictures, of citizens who communicated with people outside America. Netizens are not only lauding his bravery in facing the government, but also complimented his looks, calling him ‘geek hot’.

Tech know-logy

Sole Power

Now, charge your phone while camping or hiking or running. SolePower is a shoe insole that can be inserted in your footwear with a charging wire that is attached to your shoelaces. The wire plugs into a battery that can be fastened to your ankle or shoe. The energy generated by walking is turned into electricity that can be used to recharge mobile devices.

Laugh out loud

Tuning Out the President

Some governments ban YouTube because of anti-establishment protests or to shut out the media. But Tajikistan’s reason for blocking YouTube access for a week-a 2007 video of a drunk Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon singing off-key and dancing at his son’s wedding went viral in May and has 300,000 views. Time for some singing lessons Mr President?

App alert

Top of the Lot

•    Double Music Player lets you pick two different songs for each ear piece on your headphones.

•    Warmly replaces your usual alarm sounds with that of brewing coffee or frying bacon.

•    Boxer manages email accounts from Gmail,Yahoo and Hotmail as well as other portals.

Viral video

•    Over 3.5 million people watched Adobe Photoshop’s creative team prank people at a bus stop by clicking their pictures, manipulating their features and displaying it on a billboard.

•    A pot-bellied Russian man in a Speedo, dancing with surprising agility, made 3.5 million YouTube viewers laugh.

•    The Philadelphia Orchestra’s impromptu performance on their delayed flight to Beijing impressed 1.3 million viewers.

Game Over

On June 5, the penultimate episode of the hit fantasy show ‘Game of Thrones’ aired all over the world. News that two lead characters had been killed spread like wildfire. Netizens called the episode ‘Red Wedding’ because of the setting of the massacre. The show trended on Twitter for two days with more than 400,000 mentions and choked up Facebook news feeds. One fan compiled all their reactions into one long video that got 8 million views.

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