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Blockade Indian mistake in diplomacy: Yechury

Devendra Bhattarai, Nov 29 2015
General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist) Sitaram Yechury has said the “undeclared” blockade on Nepal is India’s great mistake in its diplomacy. He claimed that the blockade had tarnished India’s ‘image’ in the world.
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Human chain around kathmandu

Nov 28 2015
Students form a human chain on the Ring Road at Koteshwor in Kathmandu on Friday. Students, teachers and guardians encircled the city around the 27 km road
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Don't worry... we'll dig a well shortly

Nov 27 2015
Don't worry... we'll dig a well shortly
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4 Nepalis hurt as Indian SSB men open fire ‘indiscriminately’

ANIL GIRI, Nov 26 2015
Government of Nepal has taken strong exception to Indian security forces crossing into the Nepali territory and firing ‘indiscriminately’ at Nepali citizens on Wednesday.
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Critics term white paper damp squib

The government on Tuesday issued white paper on current status of economy and immediate priorities, focusing on fuel supply, energy security, food security and ways to ease businesses and reconstruction
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