Memories of my sister

Memories of my sister

May 1, 2014-

There are some childhood encounters that tend to leave lasting impressions in our life. Some of these encounters get deeply engraved in our memory, and sometimes so deep is the etching that they remain with us forever. Flipping through the pages of the memory book, we come across some of the most heartbreaking happenings of the past that make us tremble with melancholy and force tears out of our eyes.

My little sister left this world when she was only five. I was seven then, so we didn’t get enough time to know each other well. Nonetheless, I collect the snippets of memories ingrained in my consciousness to recall her light blonde hair. Her piercing blue eyes that sparkled like night stars when she ran around the house. Even at such a young age she was exceptionally talented and even surpassed me in so many activities. She was surprisingly good at so many things. Sometimes, she’d mock me and then would laugh out loud. Like all relationships, we too had our share of downs. We’d fight sometimes but I always knew she loved me and admired me with all her heart. In so many instances, she made evident that it was I who she trusted more than anyone else in the world.

My little sister was always cheerful. In all the photos that I have of her, she is ever grinning, her rabbit teeth so adorable. She is the happiest person on the planet—a cheerful little angel. I can do anything to see that smile again…

Things changed when she got leukemia. The illness stole away her energy and enthusiasm. The chemo took away from her her golden locks. As the illness began to consume her, she grew weaker and thinner; her eyes sank deeper into the sockets, and her chapped lips turned the palest shade of blue. Yet she managed to smile when she saw me. She laughed her frail laughter at the jokes I told her. It seemed that she had somehow found a way of making the best of her life in her own childish manner.

As she lay in her death bed, my little angel asked me whether there would be a brother like me in the sky. I nodded and rushed out of the room biting my lips. I couldn’t help but cry my heart out. I cried for the sister who I would never be able to see smiling again. I cried for my miserably long life without her.

My sister still dwells in the warmest part of my heart. Although she had to leave so early, I thank her for all the sweet memories and the lesson in life that she left me with. She taught me that even in times of sadness and grief; there are always reasons for us to smile. She is my reason.

Chandra Panjiyar

Class: 9

Budhanilkantha School

Published: 02-05-2014 09:03

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