May 1, 2014-

How strange must it be for the trees

Forever still,

Watching time change things,

Whereas us humans,

Forever moving,

Watching time change us.

And as I write this,

My ears ring with happiness

Of my peers around me

Or is it just noise?

As I sit here,

Staring into my own thoughts

Deep into the abyss

While everyone is busy laughing

I am busy staring,

Staring at all that is around me

Yet not feeling,

What others are.

For my heart is adrift

Above the eternal abyss

Trying to find meaning

The meaning of these musings,

My musings,

So very amusing.


As my pen takes a stroll

On this paper filled with soul

The school bell decides to take its toll

Cheers galore!

Ishan Katwal

Class: 10

St Xavier’s School

Published: 02-05-2014 09:06

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