Make movie magic—just like that

  • Two free apps can help you churn out pretty decent movies on your handheld devices. In the past, some of the tools featured in these apps would only have been found in full-fledged studios
Make movie magic—just like that

Jul 29, 2014-

What if you could make a professional-grade movie with just your handheld device? Yes, you read that right; imagine being able to shoot a movie yourself and also apply all the necessary edits yourself, with little to no technical knowledge about the field. Android and iOS do offer some nifty apps with plenty of editing tools, but of course they come with a price. However, we have managed to find a way around that requirement: to bring you the two best apps in the business that deliver plenty of bang for literally no buck. Here are the best free video-editing apps.

Magisto-Magical Video Editor

iOS, Android

It might seem like a no brainer for those who are already using this app, but for those of you still on the lookout for a convenient video-editing app that requires little to no effort to use, then there is no need to look any further. Magisto is the perfect app that does all the work for you and creates stunning clips that viewers might find hard to believe was done without the use of more powerful gadgets. The user interface is literally child’s play. The app has a very simple interface that guides you in picking the video clips and pictures you want to merge into a single video, along with various soundtracks that fit the mood. The app provides you with 18 different themes to choose from for the soundtrack and effects—with a minimum of 16 music tracks in each of them, with an additional option to choose any other audio track from your own playlist in the device; then you are asked to pick a suitable title for your clip and set the preferred length for the movie. Lastly, tap the ‘Make My Movie’ display at the bottom of the screen and patiently wait for the app to perform its magic.

The face-detection system makes sure that only the most important parts from the video are included and trims the rest with suitable video filters, stabilisation and effects. Give it a few minutes to do its work, depending on the size of the content, and voila! If you still happen to be unsatisfied with the results, then you have the option to ‘Tweak it’ until your expectations are met.

Unlike some other apps, Magisto does not simply make a slideshow of your selected videos and pictures with music in the background. It turns the video into a reflection of the feelings you intended to pour into your work—with a mellow soundtrack that quiets down during the moments when the narration comes in. And the effects seem to be very in tune with the music in the background. You can either choose to save the final movie on your device or directly upload it onto Youtube or any other social media platform.


Very simple interface that’s remarkably easy to use for absolutely anyone.

Plenty of themes and soundtracks to choose from.

No video-length limit.


Android version does not let you include pictures in the free version, unlike with the iOS one.

Its most handy feature might not do it for some users who like to have total control over their edits.

In the free version, you can comes include only up to 10 separate video and image files, so you might want to narrow down your selections.

In the free version, the name and logo of the app appears at the end of the video, so keep that in mind before you go bragging about your editing skills.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Cute Cut


What if you could shoot a complete movie with added sound effects, music, pictures, texts and even your own drawings without using anything other than your iOS device? Cute Cut is a dream come true for all the aspiring filmmakers out there who want to hone their filmmaking skills anytime, anywhere.

The user interface might not be the most easy to master for casual users, but a simple beginners’ tutorial will give you a decent idea about what goes where. It will need a little getting used to, but it definitely won’t scare anyone away after their first attempt.

Cute Cut’s simple drag-and-drop interface, allows for multi-level timeline editing, which should be simple enough for users after a few minutes with the app. You can make every adjustment you want along those timelines, with the liberty to add six different media such as music, pictures, video clips, texts and your drawings, and you can record your own voice to add narration for the clip.

Making a movie with this app will seem like a breeze with all the additional options for adjusting the volume, borders, shadows, rotation and transparency, and you can switch freely between landscape and portrait modes and complete your movie in either SD or HD.

The ability to have complete control over these different segments allows the user to choreograph the flow of the movie during any desired frame.

Because Cute Cut allows you to import video, audio or images existing in your device or add any of these in real time, you might feel guilty about using this awesome app for free. Should you feel that way, you can always spend a few bucks and get the complete version with the added

tweaks, but in all honesty, even the free version seems like a blessing in itself.

With 20 pre-defined transitions and 30 drawing tools that can be used anytime when you are making your movie, Cute Cut can be considered a standout among other video-editing apps. Last but not least, you can always share your creation on social media, with just a tap.


The free version of Cute Cut offers more than some paid apps do.

Has a simple user interface, despite being totally loaded with features.

Gives you total control over your project, without any restrictions.


Not very appealing for casual users, as the app requires some experience before you can get stunning results.

Only available for iOS devices.

Overall rating: 4.5/ 5

Published: 30-07-2014 09:33

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