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Jul 29, 2014-

A few days ago at Ratna Park, I saw a huge mass of people. Confused and surprised, I went nearer to see what was going on. What I saw was really strange. The crowd was protesting against Christianity. I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculous behaviour of these people. The reason behind the gathering was that they wanted Christianity to be removed and Nepal declared a Hindu country. How funny? Does Christianity have any negative effect on the development of Nepal? I don’t think the answer is yes. It doesn’t make any difference whether Nepal is a Hindu or a secular country. A state doesn’t have any religion, only the people have a religion. Nepal is a democratic country, and everybody has the right to liberty. It’s a personal matter whether someone wants to follow Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or Hinduism or become an agnostic. Nobody has the right to interfere in anyone’s matter. If an individual wants to follow Christianity, that’s his or her personal problem. Interference of other people in such matters is extreme stupidity. Nepal is a country of people of different religions and languages.

The protest going on at Ratna Park or in other parts of the country due to religious matters must be solved as soon as possible. It’s just a waste of time. If those people don’t want secularism, this protest should have been held eight years ago when Nepal was declared a secular state. The protestors may have a wrong thinking that the political changes that recently occurred in our neighbouring country India can help in the declaration of Nepal as a Hindu country. But I’m sorry friends (the protestors), wrong thinking is not good for health and it should be ended soon. At present, if Nepal is declared a Hindu country, what about those Christians who are living here? Would that declaration be justice to them? Will the removal of Christianity result in justice to the Christians of Nepal? I think the answer is again no. If Nepal is declared a Hindu country now, I’m afraid it must also be declared a country lacking democracy. If people are deprived of their rights in a democratic country, then democracy is of no use.

I wonder when we Nepalis will understand the real meaning of democracy. Democracy doesn’t mean unnecessary protests against the government. The right to liberty is not for this purpose. Democracy supports equality. Every religion is equal. This article is not in favour of Christianity, neither am I a Christian; it’s about the Christians living in Nepal. This writer may be called a fool or a maniac because people think it will not make any difference to the Christians if Nepal is declared a Hindu country. But every Christian knows it makes a difference. And every Hindu knows it makes a difference, and we all know that a gesture to the wise is more than enough.


Published: 30-07-2014 09:30

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