Voice Of The People

Voice Of The People

Aug 4, 2014-


When politicians are constantly dashing off overseas for medical treatment because they do not trust the local service, you cannot blame students for going abroad too (‘The best go away,’ August 2, Page 5). These politicians have messed up the prestigious Tribhuvan University real

good, and send their own children to foreign universities. But they do not tire of making speeches urging us to serve the motherland. The media should stop printing their pictures and headline news everytime they open their mouths.

T Manandhar, Kathmandu



Kanak Dixit’s ‘Our foreign non-policy’ (Aug 1, Page 6) made for an incisive reading. After going through the Op-Ed, one cannot help but feel despondent with the present state of affairs in the country, which is beginning to appear more like a flotilla without a captain drifting at the mercy of Lord Pashupatinath. We just hope we do not meet with some unpleasant encounter.

Meanwhile, another news published on the same date (‘CIAA confiscates documents related to NTB’s finances, Money I) would raise the hopes that the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) mess will now be sorted out swiftly. Even the CEO of the Singapore Tourism Board will marvel with envy at the power bestowed upon the NTB CEO to spend US$400,000 at a time. The reports just talks of the CEO’s power to ‘waste’ the equivalent of Nepali four crores at a time without any mention of his responsibility. Normally, private companies will earmark one percent of the total revenue in promotion, which means the CEO will have to generate business to the tune of US$40,000,000 every time he uses his power. Is he capable of doing this? Has he done this at all? In the future, NTB should make its staff responsible for generating business hundred times of the actual expenses they incur. There is no need for marketing trips or promotional expenses if we cannot improve the 800,000 arrival mark or US$42.80 per person per day expenditure per tourist.

J. Talchabhadell, Bhaktapur

Published: 05-08-2014 10:15

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