Aug 18, 2014-

Getting the wrong idea

Dear Aunt,

I’ve got this great business idea but I don’t have the starting capital. My folks are pretty rich and I wish my dad would believe in me for once and help me set up my business. I have a BBA degree, and my dad says that he will use his connections in town to help find me a job at a good bank or a business house. But that’s all he’s willing to do for me. The business idea of mine will only work if I implement it now and I believe in it so much I’m almost thinking of asking for my share of the family property and using that as collateral to take out a loan and strike out on my own. I don’t want to waste my years working in a bank and so on. Should I go for it, Aunt?

— BD

Dear BD,

Well, well, well, aren’t we quite the entitled one. Your father does not owe you seed money. He’s already sent you to school and taken care of you so far, and he’s even willing to use his connections to help you find a job. If you believe in your business idea so much, why don’t you float your idea to other possible investors and see if they are willing to invest in your business. You don’t have the right to risk your father’s earnings on a business gamble—no matter how great your money-making idea may sound to your right now.

In denial

Dear Aunt,

I’ve been depressed for years, and I’ve tried my best to cope with the affliction to the best of my abilities. I have been to counselling on and off too, although I haven’t been on meds. The psychiatrists used to tell me that as long as I exercised and meditated, I would pull along fine, and on the days I’ve followed their advice, I’ve mostly been all right. But things are not all that great at home; my dad constantly yells at me and compares me to my friends; and he always tells me that unlike them, I haven’t been able to make pots of money and so on. I do have a fairly respectable job. But whenever my dad yells at me, I get really, really depressed. I once tried to tell him that I suffer from depression and that I’ve been doing the best I can, but he thinks there’s no such thing as depression. My dad is great otherwise, and I know he loves me. But he constantly says that I am lazy and that depression is just another word for laziness. What do I do, Aunt?

— LS

Dear LS,

If you can, go with your dad to one of the psychiatrists who used to counsel you and have the doctor explain to your dad that there is such a disease as depression, and that you are, unfortunately, afflicted with the disease. It could be that your dad does not want to accept the fact that his child could have a problem like depression. It’s great that you have accepted that you are depressed and are doing whatever you can to work with it and through it. I hope your dad will also learn to accept the fact that you have the affliction. Things will get easier from there.

Published: 19-08-2014 09:34

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