Bhaktapur police crack down on speeding offence

- Anup Ojha, Bhaktapur
Bhaktapur police crack down on speeding offence

Sep 5, 2014-

Police are coming down heavily on speeders on the six-lane Koteshwor-Suryabinayak road stretch.  In the past one week alone, nearly 400 bikers were booked over speeding offence charges and fined for traffic rule violations.

The Bhaktapur Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has launched a special campaign against flagrant speeding violation since last week following a marked increase in number of accidents on the 9.14 kilometre stretch. Despite a successful implementation of the anti-drink driving campaign that was initiated in 2011, at least five people lost their lives in the Koteshwor-Suryabinayak road last month alone while dozens of others were injured.

According to police records, 303 road accidents were reported in the six-lane road during the last fiscal year, in which 20 people died and 254 people sustained injuries. The road witnessed some 243 road accidents a year earlier with loss of 15 lives. Traffic police, stakeholders and locals say motorcycle is most prone to accidents in the road due to tendency among young riders to go full throttle and risk their lives.

Lavakusha Thapa, Inspector at the Bhaktapur Traffic Police office, said the bikers were booked after they were found driving at speeds greater than 60 kmph. “Some of them were even racing at much higher speed,” said Thapa. According to Transportation Act, it is against the law to drive at a speed beyond 60 kmph in the highway.

“Recently, several cases of fatal accidents have been a result of excessive speeding and reckless driving. This campaign will hopefully act as a deterrent for speedsters.

We have also started using radar guns on the six-lane road to measure the speed of moving vehicles,” said police inspector at the Bhaktapur traffic. The radar gun detects speeding vehicles coming from a distance of up to 600 meters away.

The six-lane road, police officials said, is becoming very popular among teenagers for street racing. This is also because of the fact that the road offers a sophisticated and unhindered drive due to lesser traffic volume and plentiful lanes. Police say growing number of college goers and teenagers are also using the six-lane road as a platform to demonstrate their ‘biking skills’ to their peers.

Meanwhile, concerned locals said police have failed to launch an effective drive against excessive speeding due to scarcity of resources amid ever-increasing speedsters in the six-lane road.

“We could not effectively launch anti-speeding campaign in the last two years due to lack of radar gun. But the campaign will continue with new vigour now,” said Thapa, adding that they have increased resources and staff to tackle the growing speeding culture among youths in Bhaktapur.

Police officials said that they will introduce more serious measures like increasing the fines and even jail terms if excessive speeding continue to pose major road safety threat. The existing acts allow the traffic to impose fine of Rs 200 in case of traffic rule violations such as excessive speeding and reckless driving.

Published: 06-09-2014 09:13

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