Nepal narrowing gender disparity

- POST REPORT, Kathmandu
Nepal narrowing gender disparity

Oct 28, 2014-

Nepal has made a better showing in the gender gap report of the World Economic Forum released on Tuesday. Nepal scored 0.646, the best since the forum first instituted the index in 2006. Among the 142 countries in 2014, Nepal ranked 112th, nine notches up from last year when it was placed 121st among 136 countries. The country scored well in sub indexes relating to labour force participation and educational attainment at school level.

The index was introduced as an outline to measure the magnitude of gender-based disparities and mark the progress of countries over the years. It measures the progress of national gender gaps in four key areas--economic, political, health and education sectors.

The report suggests Nepal will have to wait until 2095 for gender parity in the workplace. It assesses how well resources are divided among men and women in 142 countries which make up more than 90 percent of the world’s population. On a scale of 0 to 1, 1 denotes equality and 0 inequality.

On the criteria of economic participation and educational attainment, Nepal is ranked 122nd. It scored well on the subset ‘labour force participation’ and is ranked 16th. “Within the economic participation category, Nepal, Botswana and Nigeria have had the most absolute gain in terms of increased rates of female labour force participation,” the reported stated.

Nepal is also among countries that closed the gap on primary and secondary education. The female to male ratio in primary education is 1 and for secondary education it is 1.05. Meanwhile, on the health and survival criteria, Nepal got the 88th place and figures 61st in the political participation index.

“The magnitude and particulars of gender gaps in countries are the combined result of various socioeconomic and cultural variables. The closure or continuation of these gaps is connected to the framework of national policies in place,” states the report.

While the report says that no country in the world has fully closed the gender gap, all five of the Nordic countries have attained more than 80 percent with Iceland topping the list, followed by Finland and Norway.

New entrant Rwanda is placed seventh. The only Asian country to figure among the top ten is the Philippines. Meanwhile Bhutan ranks 120st, Pakistan 141st, China at 87th and the United States 20th.

Published: 29-10-2014 08:44

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