Under the moon and stars

Under the moon and stars

Dec 25, 2014-

A night out on the terrace—all thanks to the power cut. Ah, a mosquito bit me!

It was January 16, my birthday. Birthdays are eagerly awaited by all the little children as they think that they would be the most admired one on that particular day. That year, I was not particularly enthusiastic about my birthday. Yet, I was given a surprise party by my friends; we had a blast at my house. The day ended, the same way it always does, with the reddish orange sunrays hiding behind the green hills, and so did the party.

That night, however, I had the taste of living in the dark. Electricity is the biggest issue in our country which has been suffering from long hours of loadshedding everyday for years now.

And I, like many of the residents of the Valley, was forced to suffer from the ordeal of staying up without electricity that night.   

Initially, I was excited to be out on the terrace. My father told me stories about his childhood, about how he and his brothers used to play on the terrace all night long regardless of crashing into something in the dark.

But after the excitement of coming up to the terrace was over, we all hit a new low. The mosquitoes were bloodthirsty. The warm, humid wind made me wet my t-shirt with sweat, which attracted hordes of mosquitoes. It was a horrible night. But we braved it somehow until two in the morning.  But after that, we all went to our beds.

In my bed, I was suddenly enticed by the sky above me. It covered the world like the roof of a dome. The stars were playing hide and seek behind the moon. Some stars were playing with other little stars.

I noticed a huge star which I thought was probably the caretaker of the park in which the rest of the stars were playing. Constellations here and there. “Oh, a shooting star!” I cried. I made a wish and finally decided to call it a night.

I thought that it was for my sake that the electricity went off. Because along with humid air and mosquito bites, I also got the chance to experience the beauty of nature firsthand.

Subham Jain

Class: 9

Rupys International School

Negative Aspects of technology

Technology has brought about enormous changes in the world. Electronic devices, like mobile phones and computers, have made our life easier and more comfortable. Nowadays, people can chat with their friends and family members, buy, sell and order things and get their works done from their computers and mobile devices. In other words, there is hardly any reason for us to move beyond the four walls of our homes and offices to get anything done.

     But I think that technology, like anything else, is a coin with two sides. If it has provided people with ease and comfort, it has also made them more lazy and unhealthy. In the process of indulging in this new-found technological ease, humans have forgotten that they belong more to the realm of nature than to the world of technology. After all, we are not made out of chips and other hardware. We are the products of millions of years of evolutionary process that still continues. Instead of going outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and beauty of nature, people stay cooped up inside their rooms. Instead of playing outdoor games and sports, people are playing games on their computers and mobile phones. So, more people are becoming unhealthy and suffering from various health-related problems.

So, I think that people should start playing outdoor games and do different exercises to keep themselves fit and healthy. They should also start enjoying the beauty of nature and spend more time with their family members, friends and relatives (but not in electronic world). This way, people can live a healthier and better life.


Sampurna Baniya                   

Class:  7

St Xavier’s Godavari

If I were a bird

If I were a bird

High in the sky

I could go everywhere.

If I were a bird

Flying beautifully

I would build a nest

Very carefully.

If I were a bird

Flapping my wings

I would go for adventures

Discovering new things.

If I were a bird

I would fly over Everest

I would do well

And never rest.

Naturally KC

Class: 10

Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir

Sainik Mahavidyalaya

I’m your secret Santa

The most exciting thing about Christmas has to be Santa Claus. Santa is the one who brings joy and happiness to everybody. During Christmas, it’s all smiles as everybody knows that a gift is awaiting them. Gifts are special to everyone.

But it’s not just for the gifts that Santa is known for. It’s also for the joy he gives to the children. Of course it’s the parents who are providing gifts, but sometimes you want to do something for others and never be known for it. It’s about imparting happiness with a tinge of surprise. This kind of act is done from deep within the heart.

Another great thing about Santa, in my opinion, is that he always gives and never takes. I think giving brings about a deep satisfaction. I’d like to be that kind of person. The person who never has greed and never expects anything in return.

Aayush Acharya

Class: 10


Published: 26-12-2014 09:37

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