Raajab’s play comes alive

  • ‘Badrang’ is a story of a country that unfolds in an unspecified time and territory
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Raajab’s play comes alive

Dec 27, 2014-

Theatre Mall in Sundhara, Kathmandu, is currently staging their maiden home production, “Badrang”. The play is a satirical socio-political drama penned by writer Rajab in the 1990s. Back then, it had received rave reviews from critics and readers alike.

“Badrang” is a story of a country that unfolds in an unspecified time and territory. The country is ruled by a whimsical king who takes advice from his Chief Priest and Chief Bureaucrat, both of whom are servile to the core. So when the king comes to the decision that his ancestors must have come from a place called Mutrabasti, the two chiefs go to great lengths to prove that the king’s conclusion is right.

However, Santadev, the chief archaeologist of the country, defies the king’s wish to excavate Mutrabasti in order to establish his genealogy. The chief archaeologist, without compromising his intellectual standing, declares that Mutrabasti has nothing to do with the king’s ancestry and as a result gets imprisoned.

Enters Gyanlop, a farmhand who is ready to do anything for money. Pushed by the desire to make easy money and impress the king, he starts excavating the basti. But even after a lot of effort, he gets nowhere closer to proving the king’s conclusion. So, to save himself from the king’s wrath, Gyanlop takes an old chamber pot from his own house and present it to the king as evidence of his ancestry. History is sealed; the king’s ancestry is determined; and connivance reigns over honesty and intellect.

Although the story sounds like it comes from the realm of myths and legends, its themes and satires place it squarely in the time that we live in.Crumbling system that is the domain of a few, corrupt people; commoners totally detached from the affairs of the state; and the victory of servitude over honesty. All the themes of the play underscore the plights of the world we live in.

Going by the way the play is being staged, one can easily infer that the crew has given it all in rendering the play without letting go of any of its nuances. The set-design and the costumes do not compromise the essence of the drama. And the actors seem to’ve put in a lot of effort to pull off a superb dramatic enactment. Their acting looks restrained and well-suited for the occasion.

 This sincere approach from the actors and the producers makes it worthwhile for the people to go and watch the play in the theatre.

The play will be staged until January 13, every day except Wednesday, at 4:45 pm.

Published: 28-12-2014 10:12

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