5 shades, 5 faces

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  • A short guide to picking up the pair of shades that best suits you.
- Biraj Singh Chhetri
 5 shades, 5 faces

Feb 20, 2015-

If you’re heart-shaped

You really do put your heart on your sleeve (face), now don’t you? If your face slims down on the bottom half forming a triangle like shape towards the chin, then you have a heart-shaped face.   

Go for: Sunglasses with wide lower edges with no straight line on the top works well for this face.

If you’re square-faced

Don’t worry, we’re not saying that you resemble ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ (but, that’d be so cool!), but if you have strong jaw lines and a prominent forehead, then you do fall in this category.

Go for: Round or oval frames help soften the sharp angles of your face and bring an overall balance.

If you’re round

Even those who are fit or lean can have a round face—it’s the genetics of your bone structure that we’re talking about here. Although, those who have chubby face, definitely have higher chances of being categorised here.

Go for: Sharp, angular frames that will help your face look sharper and slimmer. Avoid curvy frames.

If you’re diamond

You’re a gem of a person, aren’t you? Going by your face-value, at least. If your cheekbones go visibly wider than your forehead and your chin, then you’re a diamond-shaped face.

Go for: Oval or rimless frames help in diffusing the prominence of wide cheek bones.

If you’re oval

You’re the luckiest one of all. Oval faced are considered to be the most appealing face shape—so much adulation for someone who resembles an egg, anyway! Just our rant.    

Go for: Any shape of shades will compliment you, and any hair styles for that matter. Aren’t you one lucky head?


Published: 26-02-2015 14:59

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