“Nepali movie that moved you…”

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- Gaurav Pote
“Nepali movie that moved you…”

Feb 20, 2015-

Nattu Shah, Singer/songwriter

‘Nai Nabhannu La 2’ was the most recent Nepali movie I watched. I found its content quite unlike other Nepali movies, which are typically about adult love, drugs, violence, and rock 'n' roll. The script mainly portrays family relations and the sentiments that evolve after a terrible loss of a child. The child also happens to be a dear friend whose loss gravely affects the direction of the protagonist's own life. The entire movie has featured a different kind of love, full of honesty and purity, which appealed to me.

Sadichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2010

‘Talakjung vs Tulke’ is one of the latest Nepali movies that I watched which truly had an impact on me. The story was very honestly scripted, and the actors were extremely expressive. The movie was quite entertaining and I really enjoyed it as an overall package.

Ayusha Rai, Actor, Model

I have watched a few Nepali movies lately, but the one that touched me the most has to be 'Mokshya', which features the real life story of its director Prabeen Shrestha, who is wheelchair ridden due to spinal injury. The inspiring stories of struggle, passion and human conditions are so intriguing and authentic that by the end I was very emotional. The actors have all played their parts well and together they have managed to move everyone, including me.

Malvika Subba,

Miss Nepal 2002

I have a list of Nepali movies that have moved me, but the one at the very top has to be ‘Kabaddi.’ The storyline revolves around a girl from a village who dreams of a big-city life, but is betrayed, yet ends up getting saved by her admirer from her village. That is the best thing about the movie. The presentation, too, beautifully adds to the script. So, it has to be the combination of both that made it so compelling for me.



Published: 26-02-2015 14:49

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