Bring out the Robin Hood in you

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  • This weekend, go relive your childhood fantasies with Nepal’s first indoor archery range.
Bring out the Robin Hood in you

Feb 26, 2015-

There’s always something alluring about a bow and an arrow. Be it from our early childhood exposure to Mahabharat, to tales of Robin Hood and to Legolas’s acrobatics from the Lord of the Rings, to Hunger Games’ legacy of Katniss Everdeen at present—archery evokes thoughts of bravery and adventure. As simple it looks, it’s largely out of the reach of average folks, but not anymore.

Thought to be the first indoor archery range in Nepal, The Best Archery at Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, provides archery sessions for casual players as well as a proper archery training course for anyone looking for something serious. “Archery is easy to learn, but hard to master,” says Ongyal Gurung, a former national archer and now the instructor at the range. “It’s more of a mental game than physical. You have to analyse your every move so that you can improve on the next go.”

Although targeted towards the general public, The Best Archery has a plan to reintroduce bowmanship as a serious sport in Nepal. “Archery is still a big part of Nepali culture, especially of the Kirats who use traditional bamboo bows, but we want to promote it as a viable competitive sport,” says owner Nabin Bir Basnyet. The range also sees archery’s potential as a fresh recreational activity for the working urban population.

Anyone interested can just walk in and try their hand at the range, but the management does require first timers to take a ‘discovery course’ of 30 minutes, where Gurung goes through all the basics, including gearing up and safety measures, so that they can go straight to shooting on their next visit. There are two ranges within the premises—long (18 metres) and short (9 metres), depending on an archer’s expertise and liking.

“The best thing about archery is that during those few minutes when you’re shooting, you lose yourself. It is a form of meditation.”

Archery for your health

Shed extra pounds: “Many people assume it’s all about the fingers. Actually, your triceps and your shoulder muscles are the most taxed when you shoot. The fingers are merely for releasing the arrow,” says Gurung. With all that power at play, one is bound to lose major calories.

Fact: An hour of archery will help shed 170 calories. Source:    

Stance correction: Those living busy lives or sedentary lives are both prone to falling prey to ailments caused by bad body posture. But with a sport that is all about maintaining a straight and correct stance, archery instantly gets its player to take the correct body posture.

Makes you focused: Of course, there is no hitting the bull’s eye without a good amount of focus and concentration. As you progress in the game, you will want to hit the sweet centre spot—archery pushes you to develop those faculties to help you focus.

Sharpen your social skills: Archery is a social game. It is suitable for all age groups—so people can enjoy the sport with both friends and family. “We have people of all ages coming in at our range. Because people and especially individuals who have come here carry similar interests, we’ve seen them developing friendships too,” shares Gurung.

Fact: A 2010 meta-analysis of 148 other studies showed that social connection helps us survive health problems.

Hit the bull’s eye

Double Line = 5 points

Single Line (exterior) = 10 points

Triple Line = 15 points

Single Line (interior) = 30 points

Single Bull = 50 points

Double Bull = 100 points

Price Points

Discovery Course: Rs 500 (30 mins); Rs 800 (1hr)

Basic Course: Rs 10,000 (1-2 persons); Rs 8,000 (3-4 persons)

Normal: Rs 400 (30 mins); Rs 800 (1hr)

(All the equipment is provided)

How to shoot

# Take the stance

# Load

# Nock the arrow

# Hold

# Rise and draw bow

# Draw string hand towards face and rest

# Hold out bow arm to for a ‘T’

# Release arrow

The Best Archery

Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur (Near Gyanodaya School)

Opening hours:

8am – 8pm

Contact: 01-2299904

Published: 26-02-2015 15:29

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