My Daily Bread With Anil Shah

My Daily Bread With Anil Shah

Feb 26, 2015-

6 AM

I am a god’s man, I start my day with morning prayers. The first hour of the day is also my time to wake up my daughter, play with my dogs and read the papers.

7 AM

I like to get my cardio revving at the Rad Fitness Centre. After breaking a sweat, I change up and head straight from the gym to my office.

10 AM

After checking my mails, the first half of my day is usually spent in a lot of meetings—exchanging ideas, catching up on team updates and making workspace decisions.

1 PM

I always have my two home-made sandwiches with a fruit for lunch. Boring, I know. But when I have to jazz things up, Koto is my go-to place for Japanese—my favourite cuisine.

3 PM

I read books, but not for reading pleasure; I read only if I can pick up skills and ideas to share with my team. Tending to my passion for photography is something I take seriously.

7 PM

I like heading home to spend time with my family, but that rarely happens. Evenings are set for the many events I am invited to attend. I am very selective though.

8 PM

Ahh home! I follow European premiere leagues during the weekends. Otherwise, Monk and CSI are the kind of series I love to watch on TV.

10 PM

During my quiet time with my gods, I reflect on the day and mentally prepare for the day to follow. After a heart-to-heart with my daughter, I retire to my nightly slumber.

Published: 26-02-2015 15:09

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