So you want to go under the knife?

  • Widely practiced in the West, cosmetic surgery is now taking over Nepal. M&S explores.
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- Astha Chand
So you want to go under the knife?

Feb 26, 2015-

With the constant bombardment of digitally enhanced photos and perfect actors on TV, it’s no surprise that we are constantly putting ourselves down—and that is where cosmetic surgery comes in. “Although it is a relatively new concept in Nepal, it’s important for our clients to know and understand the procedures to make an informed decision,” says Dr Nirvana Thapa of Cosmed Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre, Tahachal.

If you have made up your mind to get a procedure done, here’s what you need to consider.

Question: Ask yourself why you want to get it done. Have you always wanted it or is it a recent development? Dr Thapa says that when clients are mentally ready for surgery, they’re usually very happy with the results as well.

Who: Thoroughly research who will be performing the procedure. A cosmetic surgeon is required to have a master’s degree with a specialisation in cosmetic surgery.  

Clinic: The cleanliness and the hygiene of the place is just as important. If it looks dodgy, skip it. The length of the surgery depends on the procedure—it can be anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Budget: Cosmetic surgery is not about getting the cheapest or expensive procedure possible; it’s about finding out which place will be providing you with the utmost quality service in a reasonable price. A simple procedure starts from Rs 5,000 (plus tax) onwards.

Post Surgery: Different surgeries have different healing times. A surgery such as the Asian eyelid surgery can take two weeks of healing, and major surgeries can take at least a month.

High Five

According to Cosmed, their top five types of cosmetic surgeries they perform are:

# Asian Eyelid Surgery

# Under-eye Bag Removal Surgery

# Breast Augmentation Surgery

# Rhinoplasty/Nose-reshaping Surgery

# Scar or Mole Removal Surgery

Published: 26-02-2015 15:23

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