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Mar 17, 2015-

This is a story of a girl, a girl who is very cheerful and full of life. Tiny little things make her happy. She thinks that happiness comes in small nifty packages, so she always tries to be happy with what she has and is content with her life. Not to forget, she also gets affected by small things. If you want to make her cry, just go to her; give her nasty comments and within a fraction of a second, her eyes will flow rivers of tears. If somebody ever says anything bad to her, she rushes to her room, puts her face down on the pillow and cries silently. After her so-called short emotional disruption, she gets up, wipes her tears away, and lightens up her face with a beautiful smile.

The girl I am talking about is my best friend. We have been friends for more than 12 years. I believe that friends are one of the greatest treasures we have in our life. We stayed in a hostel for a complete nine years, and maybe that is one of the reasons that she is so close to my heart Well, this life of ours always has something to give us, something unexpected. You never know what will come

next. Not everything goes smoothly as we wish, and that is exactly what

happened to her. She became love-struck. Yes, she fell in the so-called love. She was very happy, but that happiness did not last long. So to say, Cupid could not stand her happiness. She was totally devastated, lost and felt hopeless. She was going through pain, I could see that in her eyes; but I could do nothing to comfort her. However, good things do happen, I got an opportunity to go back to Nepal and do my internship. I finally visited Nepal and met her. She had many things to tell me, so did I. We laughed, cried and shared our joys and sorrows like we used to. We had the best of times. I never knew that she was so strong, I didn’t have to console her or anything; she understood that no matter how hard she tried, it could not be changed. She was indeed very sensible.

After whatever has happened, she is still the same, very cheerful and lively. Now when we look back at our past, we laugh by ourselves, realising how stupid, funny and immature we were to cry over small things. I would just like to say to whoever is reading this that you are not the only one with troubles. We all have some bitter past, so instead of holding on to it, let us leave it behind and take a step forward to lead a happy life. Bad phases come and go. After rain there’s a rainbow, after a storm there’s calm, after the night, there’s morning, and after an ending, there’s always a new beginning.

Published: 18-03-2015 08:37

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