Superhuman in the city

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- Gaurav Pote
Superhuman in the city

Mar 20, 2015-

On May 7 of 2011, Dr. Yuree Vajramuni made a world record by breaking a bundle of three baseball bats with a single kick, which then made him one of Discovery Channel’s 5 Superhumans of the world. Now, better known as ‘The Thunder Sage,’ he was  recently in Kathmandu to interact with the students of King’s College.

What spiked your interest in martial arts?

As a kid, I went to a military feeder school, and got to learn Burmese self-defense as a nine-year-old; I suppose  that sparked my interest. And for the past 40 years I have been travelling constantly to research martial art sciences and promote the ‘Butthan’ movement.

What is this Butthan movement?

Not many people know that South Asia is the motherland of all self-defense arts. The Chinese are still accredited for developing numerous martial arts, but the roots belong here with us. Butthan movement aims to revive that very lost heritage.


How would you say Butthan is different from other martial arts?

Butthan as a martial art is an amalgamation of meditation and self-defense training that comprise of a rigorous psychophysical routine to develop both mind and body in balance. It teaches that only with mind-body synchronization, is it possible to gain a substantial control over oneself, spiritually and physically.  

How was your Superhuman experience in Discovery Channel?

The scientists at Discovery wanted to find out the reason behind my brute strength despite my moderate body structure. They were able to prove that I could instantly engage 96% of my body muscles on will, which is the biggest evidence of mind and body connectivity yet, and also a world record.

How I became a ‘Superhuman’

I was one of the five Discovery Channel’s Super Humans. Each of us were chosen for our unique expertise and skills in five different super strength categories– arm strength, abdominal strength, vocal strength, lung-strength and leg strength.  

Fact: Wayne University in the US found out in a study that a standard baseball bat requires 740 pounds of force to break.

Published: 26-03-2015 17:50

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