Gadget Guff: Confessions of a gadget geek

  • Anjil Maskey is a freelance photographer, a businessman and a gadget geek of the first order.
- Biraj Singh Chhetri
Gadget Guff: Confessions of a gadget geek

Apr 16, 2015-

Would you say you’re a “gadget geek”?

If the term refers to someone who is informed about the latest in technology, owns an updated arsenal of gadgets and most importantly uses them all to enhance her/his lifestyle, then yes, you can call me one (smiles). 

What is your earliest memory of owning a gadget? 

I remember the first smartphone that I owned, the Sony Ericsson P990i; it came with a compatible smart watch. 

We hear, you’re keen on buying the latest gadgets. 

Yes, I keep up with the latest in technology as much as I can.It doesn’t hurt a person living in a time such as ours to be well-equipped with the best gadgets. I purchase gadgets that are indispensable for me in my freelancing career in photography.

What would you rank as the top five gadgets in your collection? 

Canon 5d mark iii: For its quality and robust build.

Canon 70D: For its portability and WiFi compatibility.

Samsung note4: For its “larger than life” display, power and simplicity of use.

Samsung KZoom: Because at times it works as a substitute for my camera.

Lenovo Y50: Because it is powerful, well equipped and fast!

So, what new gadgets have you added to your arsenal? 

The latest are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Gear S and Gear Circle.

Are there any old gadgets that you own and still love?

I have the iRiver portable music players, which still blow at 5.1 speakers and are still a favourite in my collection. 

Any new gadgets on your wishlist?

I would love to own the Apple IMac 4K, Hasselblad H5D-50c Wi-fi and Samsung S6 edge.

If you had the power to make a gadget, what would that be like?

I would certainly build a time machine to travel back in time and remedy the situation that our country is currently in.


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Published: 16-04-2015 17:16

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