Speak Up

Speak Up

May 1, 2015-

We asked you, “What is a deal-breaker for you on a first date?” Here are some of the wittiest answers!

Pasang Lahmu Sherpa: Talking about your ex, because you know, I would absolutely love to hear more about what an awful person your ex was.

Diksha Katwal: There is a saying that goes, “Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul.” Therefore, if his eyes wander about on others on our first date, I should be wandering away as well.

Namgyal Dorje: If she’s too beautiful. Guys would stare, and I don’t want to take a risk.

Deep Rauniyar: Not being the person in your dating profile photo.

Priyanca Gyawali: A bad personal hygiene would be a disaster. The only smells you want to encounter on your date are the ones that involve food or cologne. Also, a person who brags about himself all the time is super annoying.

Sulav Dahal: If she puts on heavy (read ugly) make-up then it’s a deal-breaker. Also, if she says “I hate books” that’s it for me.  Because I love girls who love books.


Published: 04-05-2015 16:07

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