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Jul 6, 2015-

Even after five years of his murder, Jamim Shah continues to haunt

this country and now we have to suffer the indignity of a senior officer of Nepal Police, DSP Jagdish Chand, handcuffed and paraded like any

common criminal (‘Jamim Shah murder: Ex-DSP Chand presented before court,’ June 28, The Kathmandu Post Online). This case gained much publicity and public sympathy because of Shah’s status as a media baron. His murder was viewed as a dastardly attack on the press and the freedom of speech with even

the UN joining in the fray and urging the government of Nepal to act speedily to bring to books the perpetrators of the crime.

The investigation into the case has unearthed much evidence and now it is more or less confirmed that Shah was not media baron but that his media empire was an arm in Nepal of an international mafia. As for Jagdish Chand, now retired from service, his alleged crime is collusion with gangsters and direct complicity in the

killing of Jamim Shah. However with the revelation of the criminal side of Shah, the case deserves a fresh perspective.

The hobnobbing of a police officer with the underworld is a deliberate strategy adopted by the force to gather intelligence and not at all considered as dereliction of duty. And for the role played by  Chand in the elimination of shah, sans motive involved, he would have been feted as a national hero in the Americas of the 1940s and in Mumbai of the 1990 during the controversial ‘encounter’ regime. There are numerous instances in history where the government, in order to remove the scourge of the underworld, has authorised its police force to act in the manner that Chand did to ensure the rule of law.

However in Nepal we are still too naïve to appreciate and adopt such strategies. We continue to harass our own officers instead of the criminals instead. We are yet to realise that such naivety has a demoralising effect on the force and we may be unwittingly making them pro criminal instead of upholding the law.

Guru Tashi Shenga, via email

Published: 07-07-2015 08:13

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