Post-workout refuelling

- Sujita Gurung, Kathmandu
Post-workout refuelling

Jul 9, 2015-

So, you’ve had a great sweat session and now it’s time to refuel your body with nutrients to help you repair, replenish and recover. Post work-out meals will help you reap what you have sown. It is also of utmost importance that you feed your body the right nutrients at the right time. After a gruelling work-out, instead of reaching out for a treat to reward yourself for all the hardwork and sweat, focus on maximising the benefits of your efforts through some of these snack ideas. 


Here are some golden rules for that perfect post-workout snack

- Consume your post-workout meal/snack within 30-60 minutes after your workout: Despite much debate, there is great support for what has been termed the “window of opportunity.” It is believed that since our muscles are depleted and damaged after a sweat session, the body is more ready to digest nutrients. What this means is, it also tends to help in increasing muscle and in strength building.

- High in protein and carbohydrate; fat-free: After your workout, your body needs to digest and absorb the nutrients as rapidly as possible and for this, it is important to make sure that your snack/meal is fat free since fat can slow down the process (and also your metabolism). 

- Easy on the tummy: Consume nutrient dense yet easily digestible food to further aid your body in processing them and will help it to focus on rebuilding your muscles. Thus, instead of solid food, you can opt for nutritional liquids.



Here are some (star trainer certified) pre-workout bites that you can munch on


- Low Fat Chocolate Milk

TRY: You can buy packaged-off the shelf chocolate soy milk or make your own. Simply mix two tbs of cocoa powder in a glass of low fat/skim/ soy milk. Add honey if the drink is too bitter for your taste.


- Whole Wheat Bread Sandwich 

TRY: Pile on the veggies, add shredded chicken breast or tuna with a squeeze of lemon juice. For vegetarians, add a cheese slice.


- Eggs: So versatile that you can have it both before and after your exercise! 

TRY: Make a nutrients laden omelette by scrambling 

two whole eggs with chopped onion, spinach and 

mushrooms or simply have two hard-boiled eggs topped with avocado slices.


Other options

- Low fat yogurt with seasonal fruits and a sprinkle of muesli.

-  One medium sliced banana with a cup of low fat/skim/soy milk.

-  Brown rice with sides of lean protein and steamed vegetables.

Published: 10-07-2015 11:29

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