Boost that metabolism

- Sujita Gurung, Kathmandu
Boost that metabolism

Jul 16, 2015-

It is high time that we stop blaming our slow metabolism for our weight loss plateau. After all, there are proven ways through which we can rev it up! Adopt these simple lifestyle tweaks and let your burn machine work its magic!



For starters, you can include short bursts of intense activity during your exercises. For instance, while you are running, run at a steady pace for 5 minutes and then speed it up for the next 60 seconds. Do 5 reps of this and then apply the same technique for your other cardio exercises.

Pump up your sweat session by including weights. More muscle mass means a higher resting metabolic rate. Another great reason to aim for a toned and lean physique! 



Eat enough. Intake of lesser calories than what you need (depending on your day to day activities) will signal your body to slow down your metabolism to sustain energy throughout. Include light snacks in between your main meals and do not stay hungry.

Include these in your diet:

`Protein: It not only keeps you fuller for longer; your body also uses more energy to digest it, which means an instant metabolic boost! It is also advised to opt for protein like tuna or salmon over red meat since food with omege-3 fatty acids also help in burning more calories efficiently.

Vitamin D and Calcium: Increase your vitamin D intake by having foods like tofu, eggs and tuna. As for calcium, opt for low fat milk, sugar free yogurt and goat cheese.



Hold that alcohol and instead, opt for the good ol’ H20. Cold water can raise your resting metabolism, so, add ice cubes to your glass of water—great way to keep your cool in the hot weather. A cup of caffeine-goodness is also recommended—if you are more of a tea person, step away from your milky sweet chiya and sip on green tea. 

TRY: Make a pitcher full of green tea and a bunch of mint leaves and lemon juice. Sip on it throughout the day.


Start in the morning

It’s either your morning workout or breakfast that should start your burn-machine for the day. If you are not headed for your exercise, have a good breakfast consisting of both proteins and carbs. In a hurry? Make overnight oatmeal, top it off with nuts and have it on the go. Another simple morning boost: have two whole hard boiled eggs with a small cup of black coffee.

Published: 14-07-2015 14:41

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