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- Netra Khanal, Kathmandu

Aug 12, 2015-

When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt a little tired and groggy. All of a sudden, I sensed my bedroom becoming stuffy, and my mood became not as good as it used to be in the morning on other days. As I opened the window to let in fresh air and stuck out my head to feel the morning sunshine, my eyes stumbled against a horrible scene:There was a dead crow lying on the street. Oh, what a bad scene! I walked up the stairs to the kitchen as usual to drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach.

Suddenly, my right toe hit the banister and I almost fell. As I fumbled around the kitchen looking for a water glass, I knocked down a beautiful wine glass. It fell on the floor and shattered into pieces. Oh my god! What’s going on today? I became hopeless. I thought that the day was not going to be normal. I said to myself, “Forget it; don’t be conservative and cheer up.” I thought I would keep the situation under my control.

I believed the day would become better later on.I never used to believe in what bad omens are said to bring. There are lots of explanations of omens in written and unwritten form in our society. A widely held belief is that when a black cat crosses your way or if you come across an empty vessel while you are just starting out on your journey, it is a bad sign. I used to think that when there is a bad sign, it would lower the level of confidence, and the whole thing would turn out to be bad.

So I decided to boost my confidence and escape from the possible effects of such bad omens. That day, I had an important technical work to be done. I had done the same sort of job a hundred times before. But all of a sudden, it turned into a disaster. The machine broke despite my due diligence checking. And it was due to an unexplained reason. I thought it was my bad day. 

In the afternoon, I got some more bad news. My mother, an octogenarian, collapsed on the floor and had to be hospitalised. Her right leg and hand were broken, and she was immovable. Unexpectedly in the late afternoon, I had a minor brush with my boss over a petty matter. He had a fit for apparently no reason.

I tried to keep myself calm but it was taken as my weakness. Very disappointing! That same night, I had to rush to the hospital as my brother’s wife had been admitted for some illness. Oh my god, is it really true, that morning shows the day? Are there really physically unexplained signs that foretell future bad happenings? That day’s happenings do make me ponder over the question, and it remains unanswered.

Published: 12-08-2015 12:16

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