The Interactive Side to Websites: HTML5

- Prajesh SJB Rana, Kathmandu

Aug 12, 2015-

When HTML5 first came out, users were skeptical about what kind of performance this new mark-up language would provide. To showcase the capabilities of HTML5, Google Chrome released a lot of websites developed with the new language to show the complexity of the new system

. This came in the form of interactive videos for Arcade Fire that are still available on the internet. HTML5 has grown quite a lot since then and recently, YouTube, Google’s video-streaming platform, has also discarded support for Adobe’s Flash Players and now comes with a sleek new HTML5 player that works great.

Google has been trying to push HTML5 players for YouTube for quite some time now, but due to various bugs and instability issues, the player had been buried inside Google Labs options. With more and more browsers supporting HTML5, more and more HTML5 based websites have now proliferated on the Internet.

HTML5 has grown since the days of interactive music videos, and now developers are using this new technology to present information to web users in an innovative way. Interaction between the website and the user is much more pronounced with the new technology and these websites feel less like pages and more like full-fledged applications with HTML5.

There are really nice websites that provide information and tell stories in a completely new medium that could be utilised by developers to produce interactive visual stories online. We look at some of the websites that tell these stories and are brought to life through the means of HTML5. 

1. The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator

Brandon Generator is a visual story crafted completely on HTML5. Created by 

LBi for the express purpose of promoting Internet Explorer 9, the project involved movie director Edward Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards, the illustrator for Lucasfilm.

Brandon Generator has excellent art and an immersive storyline that follows Brandon, a writer suffering from writers block. The website offers four episodes that 

follow Brandon on his journey to find ideas and stories to tell.

The episodes feature beautifully drawn art complemented by well-composed music that does not feel out of place and gives an environmental feel to the story of Brandon as his world unravels before him. 

2. Ba Ba Dum

Ba Ba Dum is a site that helps children learn visually. Built on HTML5, Ba Ba Dum features a simple minimalist design that guides people through a series of word games. It features five games that players will have to navigate through and understand.

The games are quite simple and involve matching words with pictures or vice-versa. The website also seems to be a platform for online interactive learning that students and children can access right from their browser. The games on Ba Ba Dum are fun and exciting and bound to keep everyone playing for hours. 

3. Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper is a scroll book styled comic book brought to life by the means of new- age HTML5 technology. The digital comic book is developed by Saizen Media and it adds to the comic book medium by turning in interactivity. The website scrolls from top to bottom and the interactive elements of the website, like the voice-over, plays according to where you are in the story.

If you don’t like the interactivity aspect of the website and just want to watch the visual comic book, then an automatic couch mode is also available that advances the story without human interaction. Soul Reaper also won the FWA Website Award in 2012. 

4. Gods Will Be Watching

Gods Will Be Watching is an online point and click adventure game that is built on HTML5. This website functions more like a game, with the user having to interact with six members of his team stuck in an isolated world.

The user will have to survive for 40 days for the game to end and to achieve this, the user will need to interact with the other members of the team to keep them happy and safe. Each member has their own field of specialty and working with all of them to keep everyone safe and alive is what the game pushes the user to do. Gods Will Be Watching is a wonderful game that’s well written and feels more like a computer software than a website. 

HTML5 has opened the door for developers to experiment and create web content that is visual and feels more interactive. There are many HTML5-based websites to enjoy on the Internet, but these websites do use a lot of multimedia elements that might require a fast Internet connection.

They should load fine on slower connections too, but users may have to wait for the website to load completely before interacting with them. Discover websites you enjoy—there are games as well as informative websites that have benefited from HTML5. 

Published: 12-08-2015 12:31

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