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The disunited states of Nepal

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- Guffadi, Kathmandu
Welcome to New Nepal where the mundrey gundas and their masters will continue to have all the fun while the common folks will continue to run away to foreign lands to provide for their families

Aug 15, 2015-How many provinces does it take to make us all happy? Most of us really don’t care how many provinces we have because we are busy dealing with shortages of everything and worrying about how to provide for our families with our meager salaries.

But of course, our clowns have far better things to worry about like how to divide our provinces so that we will have more politicians running the show at the state level. We, the taxpayers will have to feed these lazy freeloaders. They will need security, luxury vehicles, free housing and health care. We will have more thieves enjoying the freebies from the state and there is no choice but for us to pay more taxes and get nothing in return.

Welcome to New Nepal where the mundrey gundas and their masters will continue to have all the fun while the common folks will continue to run away to foreign lands to

provide for their families.

Our incompetent corrupt clowns thought they could just roll over us by drawing up

borders and forcing their six-province natak down our throats but I guess most of the folks across the country are not happy with it. While life is fine and dandy here in the valley, protestors are shutting down districts across the country and our government is busy killing and beating them up.

When it comes to police brutality, not much has changed since the days of our Shree Teens. The security forces only know how to shoot and use their boot against the common folks. I guess our security chiefs did not think that the folks across the country would go crazy and resort to violence to protest the proposed six provinces from our clowns.

We have no one to blame but our own political parties for teaching us all that we need to hurl stones at security personnel, burn tyres, storm and vandalise government offices, burn vehicles and shut down our own country to show our strength. If our political parties really want a peaceful Nepal then they should ban all shutdowns and vandalism of public and private property by so-called peaceful protestors.

Yes, please have that in the new constitution and let us make it a federal crime to shut down the country and burn vehicles be it public or private. But our netas do not want that because that’s what they are good at whenever they are not in power. So the problem with this country is not us but them. Our political leaders who are supposed to lead us to glory are the ones who are looting us all and we, the silent majority have yet to discover our true strength. If we can get rid of the Shree Teens, the pancheys and the King himself then why can’t we get rid of our leeches?

If our loafers are really serious about our provinces then please make sure that each province touches the plains and the hills. Then our folks in each province can enjoy the

summer up in the mountains and come down to the plains during winter. We cannot have only a Madhesh Province or a Hill Province. But of course, our usual bunch of thieves wants to divide the country for their own political interest rather than for the good of the people.

I think it would have been better if we had just stuck with the five development region model from the panchey days and just turned it into provinces. But of course, our netas want a New Nepal where they have to change everything upside down because we don’t want anything to do with the past.  If we really want to forget the past then why can’t we be a secular nation instead of a ‘Hindu’  state?  Yes, let us be a ‘Hindu’ nation once again. And in a few years, invite the monarchy back in and then change our national anthem once again to suit whoever is looting us then. Why are the pancheys still around? They should have left the building a long time ago.

We need hardworking Nepalis who have the experience and wisdom to serve this country well. We need folks with vision, not selfish pricks who only know how to fool the public with the same old tricks. We need politicians who can reason with us and make us believe that they are doing the right thing to take this country forward. We want them to back it up with action instead of fooling us with empty promises while emptying our pockets.  If rule of law really applied to all of us then most of our clowns would be charged with treason. But who will bell the cat?

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Published: 15-08-2015 16:42

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