Come home

- Devendra Gautam, Kathmandu

Oct 12, 2015-

This is a passionate appeal from an ordinary Nepali to fellow Nepalis who have left the country in search of greener pastures abroad. After eight years of struggle, our lawmakers have finally made the country’s 65-year-old dream come true by introducing a constitution through a popularly-elected Constituent Assembly. For a change, let’s stop criticising our leaders and lawmakers, and thank them for this feat. Here’s hoping that criticising politicos will no longer be our favourite pastime, now that the constitution has been completed.

Even after the promulgation of the constitution, a large section of the

population remains dissatisfied, which causes concern. In the coming days, managing this dissatisfaction in the Tarai and some other parts of the

country and preventing it from reaching a boiling point will be a tough challenge for our leaders and federal experts. That will perhaps be tougher than it has been to make and introduce the constitution of a federal Nepal. Dissatisfaction management will require expertise and statesmanship. Let’s hope our leaders and experts grow up to the occasion.

Before the introduction of the new constitution, the new republic seemed to be heading towards the Stone Age, with thousands of lives lost and major infrastructure devastated following a series of earthquakes and aftershocks. The debris is still there, and rebuilding lives will not be easy.

In these distressing times, this constitution offers us a glimmer of hope. The onus is on all of us to turn it into a guiding light by uniting fellow Nepalis who feel cheated on this historic occasion. Our scriptures talk of a debt we owe to our

ancestors and a debt we owe to the motherland. Their contribution is immense, and repaying them is beyond our capacity. But we can surely lessen this burden of debt by doing every bit possible to usher this country and people into a new era of progress and prosperity. We can surely do this by no longer heading abroad in search of the promised land where milk and honey flows.

Those toiling in the baking sand dunes of the Middle East can do this by returning home and cultivating fields that have been lying barren for want of farm hands. The best and the brightest, who are leading a life of pleasure and plenty abroad, can help achieve this by returning home and using their expertise to give this beautiful country a turnaround. Civil servants with PR can do so by choosing to stay home and serving the country. The best and the brightest and the workhorses credited with making Arabian deserts cultivable and building massive infrastructure in the baking sun: What are you waiting for? Miracles won’t happen unless you return home. So, what are you waiting for, guys? Some auspicious hour? Some divine sign? The time is now. So, pack your bags, board the earliest flight home and help this country rise like a phoenix—from the ashes of destruction.

Published: 12-10-2015 08:46

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