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  • Things to do before the year ends.
- Astha Chand, Kathmandu

Dec 25, 2015-

The New Year is almost here, and before we start making our resolutions, let’s make the most of the next few days, shall we? Here are a few things you can do before New Year to help you tie up some lose ends and get you set for the new, exciting adventure that 2016 has to offer. 


We all know that  January begins with new diets, exercise regimes, everything and anything fitness-related; so, why not spend a few days before the New Year to binge on all your favourite food? This is also a great time to catch up on all the episodes as new seasons of your favourite TV shows are all set to start.


Taking some time out for ourselves is incredibly underrated these days, owing to the long work hours. So, let’s try our best to give ourselves a break, a reboot of some sorts before 2016. Treat yourself to a makeover: book yourself a spa session, read your favourite books, take a relaxing walk—basically, anything that helps you calm down. 

Fixes and mixes 

Again, thanks to our busy schedules, a lot of times we forget (read: ignore) to fix small things around the house that have given up on us this past year. It’s usually the small stuff that go unnoticed, until, of course, you desperately need them. So, in the next few days, perform a thorough check through your house and make a list of all the things that need to be fixed.


It’s a good idea to get rid of things you no longer use; as a serial hoarder myself, it’s a tough thing to do, but once you’ve cleared out some space in your closet, you’ll free up some space in your mind too. 

Green energy

Before the New Year hits, see if you can manage to get the essentials: gas, petrol or induction. Also, see if you can come up with alternative methods of cooking in ways that you can reduce the amount of fuel you consume. Let’s see if we can voluntarily make Nepal a greener, eco-friendly country.

Published: 25-12-2015 15:47

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