• In the absence of patriotism, the souls become dead and hearts turn icy cold; for this one feeling keeps humanity and sanity alive in men
Patriotism is a pursuit of ‘happiness’ where ‘happiness’ isn’t spelled with an ‘I’The day I was rejoicing, people were dying; when we were lighting fire crackers, they were in blackouts. When the sky was simmering, they were mourning

Dec 25, 2015-Patriotism’; a single and a simple word but it holds immense significance and concrete values. Patriotism is a feeling of love, care, affection and sincerity towards one’s country. It is a quality of nationalism and a fire of compassion that ignites people with concern for their country. It isn’t a vague noun that disappears into the category of abstract, but is euphoria felt by the living. Patriotism is an inevitable constituent of blood in men. In its absence, the souls become dead and hearts turn icy cold; for this one feeling keeps humanity and sanity alive in men.

Just like honesty, patriotism is an expensive gift; you cannot expect it from cheap people. True patriots with sincere patriotism are loyal watchdogs of the nation. History is evident that patriotism is such a miracle that can emanate a warrior from any ordinary self. Patriotism is what safeguards a country’s well-being. Our late soldiers and warriors who had fought fiercely against dreadful enemies were all guided by the unanimous feeling of love towards their land.  Noble men of history have never actually talked about themselves. Their knowledge, concerns, ideas and innovations were all dedicated towards the motherland. Great wars of past have made us come to a live rendezvous with extreme nationalism. Waves of revolution and independence have all been led by a chariot of bravery and courage with patriotism as the front-wheelers.However, contemplating today’s world, where all a man cares about is; ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘myself’; patriotism has become similar to a rare and endangered species. People can give a lot of talks about feeling of nationality and patriotism but when it comes to practicality; these words remain a mere collection of English alphabets. We live in a world where everyday patriotism is murdered by the rise of terrorism, violence, conflicts and so much more. Brutal massacres continue by assassins. Here, hardly any hearts beat for the nation; rarely souls feel for fellow people, no brain thinks about saving the nation. The lands where once flags used to be waving despite smeared in bloods of martyrs have been doomed. Such a time has emerged where patriotism is dethroned every day. No armour of knights can protect the existence of nation. Instead, spears of vengeance, betrayal and corruption stabs the retainers of honesty, allegiance and dignity.

It’s high time for us to wake up and realise that ‘patriotism’ isn’t something you put in your speech, t-shirts or social sites’ walls. It is a truth that needs to be posted on the walls of our heart. Whether people like it or not, comment about it or not, we still need to pursue it. Because patriotism is a pursuit of ‘happiness’ where ‘happiness’ isn’t spelled with an ‘I’; the ‘I’ that is in each one of us.

Mimamsha Dhungel

Class 10

LRI School

Loneliness, my strength

Far from the crowd I stay aside

I thank god for giving me a chance to close my eyes

In my loneliness I meet my best people

With my closed eyes, I find the world where happiness is tripled.

When I am physically alone spiritually I am not

Because I have my dreams to think about 

In my loneliness I remember and talk with my close ones heartily

Who accompany and inspire me to move ahead proudly.

My best time, the tanquil night 

Just me, the moon and stars twinkling high sparkling with light

Our endless beautiful talk goes on for hours

Which is only possible in quiet isolate in a world like ours.

Bidding farewell to this crowded world with my closed eyes

Opening eyes in my peaceful world, I get the vision of my life

In crowd I lose my way, my vision becomes blurred

In loneliness there is no one only my mission is in front.

Loneliness reminds me of my parent’s dream, their expectations of me

My dreams and responsibilities to make them come real

Makes me not care about the outside world

Prepares me for life’s battle, giving inspiration to my sword.

Who says loneliness means being unsuccessful, a sign of failure

I feel it is secret of my achievement, my strength

If crowd gives you temporary entertainment

Then always remember

Loneliness sets a path in your life to lead you ahead.

Alisa Lamichhane

Class 10

East Pole Higher Secondary School


Why don’t we?

A heavy slap, slapped my cheek. It was my mum. A mighty slap that came with a roar, “You spoilt brat! What are you doing? Don’t you have to study?” I was flabbergasted. 

I was in a rather jolly mood. I had just completed my re-scheduled exam, which was postponed due to the acute fuel shortage. I had hurriedly come back home to sit and watch my favourite show, Motu Patlu. While flipping through channels, suddenly, my eyes fell onto something. It was Kantipur TV. I heard a loud voice speaking on a platform in Tundikhel and it made me laugh. Not the voice, but what it said. Well, what it said was, ‘’I will rather pedal, but not surrender’’. It was Prachanda. Now, you could be thinking why I laughed. It’s actually quite simple. But for that let me take you to the past. 

It was Asoj 3, the day we got our Constitution. I too was rejoicing: shouting infront of BICC Hall. It was great that we finally got our constitution, but who do we thank? Our ‘priya neta jyus’, who are alwaysin the favour of citizens?

A simple tourist who visitsMadhesright now could tell you that it has been more than 125 days of this ongoing ‘blockade’. Think about the children who are, instead of watchingNickelodeon, watching kicks, braving curfews, bullets and pistols, hurling stones, pebbles, and raising voices against corruption and our shameless leaders. What had the people asked for? Surely not a Taj Mahal to be built in Janakpur or Birgunj. They had simply requested their demands to be addressed in the Constitution, but who would listen to them?

The day I was rejoicing, people were dying; when we were lighting fire crackers, they were in blackouts. When the sky was simmering, they were mourning. Our politicians think that if they fulfill the demands of Madhes, the Madhesis will be aware of their political rights. They too will start rising and want power. There is no cooking gas, no fuel and no electricity and our Prime Minister, instead of doing his job, has started selling firewood. 

And, what do our politicians tell us? To eat as less as we can, and not to use the gas too much. What are we supposed to do now? Live like people from the Stone Age? Eat what we farm? Collect dry leaves, two stones, and leave all your work aside and start making fire? When the whole world is taking two steps forward every day, why are we taking three steps backwards?

All I want to say is: why are we not raising our voice against this kind of tyranny? When there used to be a slight price hike in petrol; there would be all sorts of bandhs back in the day. Now, it has already been more than 125 days, and yet no action has been taken.

The solution lies in our own hand, not these pigheaded leaders. Genuine demands of theMadhes should be fulfilled and the rest of Nepal should be left to live peacefully. Let’s come together and raise our voice for the betterment of our nation, and ourselves.

Bibhuti Shah

Class 8

Nightingale HS School


Published: 25-12-2015 10:18

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