Detoxify your Body

- Sujita Gurung , Kathmandu

Jan 11, 2016-

The New Year has started and if you find yourself wondering how to get back on track regarding your health goals, how about starting with a Detox? Rest, clean and nourish your body from the inside out with these tips!


The main idea of a detox plan is to cut down on foods that act as toxins for our bodies. That means during this plan, do without:

- Highly processed food

- Added sugars 

- Red meat

- Alcohol and Caffeine

- Cigarettes

- Stress! Learn to take some time out every day to meditate and relax. 

Instead, supplement your body with:

- Lots of fiber and greens

- Lots of liquids such as water, fresh fruit juices, black or herbal tea, home made clear soups (not packaged ones)

- Focus on colors! Indulge in colorful foods and veggies such as spinach, beet root, carrots, pomegranate etc.

- Load up on natural herbs. I am talking about natural healers like ginger, garlic, onions and homegrown herbs.

I will be featuring an easy 1-day detox plan which is mostly liquid based. You can choose to check out various programs online that range from threedays to a week.


- Drink a large glass of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice upon waking up

n Breakfast: Another glass of hot water with lemon juice, a glass of mixed fruit juice and a mug of tea (of your choice) 

- Lunch: A large glass of tomato juice with carrot or garlic and green onions, a mug of tea.

n Dinner: A large glass of mixed veggie-fruit juice/ green juice. (Tomato and carrot/ Carrot and Beet/ Spinach-Strawberry-Mint)

- Before tucking yourself into bed, have another cup of tea.

- In-between meals: Need to nibble? Snack on some snacks/ a light green salad with no dressing/ tea or indulge on a glass of power smoothie

Note: Detox is not for everyone. If you find your energy level dropping and feel faint while in the middle of the detox plan, please stop immediately. If you are working with a personal trainer/nutritionist, please consult them before starting this plan. A liquid based detox is not recommended for more than a day.

A Detox plan is more than just helping you lose weight. It is also recommended if you want to;

- Eliminate skin irritations

- Reduce constant bloating

- Reduce menstrual problems

- Reduce eye bags

- Reduce digestive problems

Sujita Gurung is an Internationally Certified Fisaf Fitness Instructor and a Licensed Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor



Published: 11-01-2016 17:36

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