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  • Here’s your style move for 2016.
- DORIAN D, Kathmandu

Jan 11, 2016-

While most trends you adapt to are retro renditions of something old made contemporarily appropriate, here’s a “totally in the moment way” of dressing up that may look complicated at first, but it’s “Yeezy Breezy” once you get the hook of it. Pioneered and popularised by Kanye West himself, the new sure-fire way to getting layered this 2016 is “short over long”— elongated, drapier forms of inner layers first and shorter pieces on top; and that’s it. It’s a relaxed and innovative look that’s all about stretching and shrinking and layering up until you look like Yeezy himself, even if you’re not a Kanye fan at all. So, here’s your guide on the ins and outs of the new layering proportions. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually fun dressing up oversized and exaggerated, both at work and at play.

Apply it to your suit

When applied to your work suit, the short over long approach to layering gives your look a creased, chilled-out effect. Just remember, the sharper the suit, the better the apposition.

Start by leaving your shirt untucked (even if it’s a dress shirt) and layer a cardigan or crewneck over it. The sweater will help lock in your shirt ends and make them look less sloppy. 

If you really want to blow minds and aren’t a faint of heart, you can take some inspiration from the maestro of “couture meets street”, Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy, and finish the look off with a pair of thick wool socks (it’s cold, after all) and some Birkenstocks inspired footwear. Just remember, it’s a serious move at your end that might result in some unexpected sanctions headed your way from your boss. And in any case, if you’re feeling unsure, lace-ups or wingtips work just fine.

Apply it on the streets

While we’re happy to leave most streetwear trends to the kids camping out for the BAPES and the Jordans, we’re finding ourselves latching on to this one because everyone can pull it off and by that, we mean, everyone.

The key rule is to keep it simple. Buy a longer, drapey T-shirt or stretch out a black or grey jersey tee you already own. In the case of fall and winter, just get yourself an elongated, oversized knit sweater and top it off with a luxe jacket (think bomber, military, denim or leather) that hits you right at your waist. And (drumroll), you’re done. See, it’s not complicated at all.

And in case, you’re feeling a tad bit experimental, you can hit two trends with one stone by keeping it all black, giving you the monochrome look we absolute love and adore. Just remember, it’s all up to you.

Published: 11-01-2016 17:35

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