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  • These two dedicated apps from Facebook will allow you to do everything that the actual Facebook app does but with ease.
- Gaurav Pote, Kathmandu

Jan 11, 2016-

Since its initialrelease in June 2008, the Facebook app has been the most downloaded smartphone app in the world. But even this massively used app has its drawbacks, namelyinformation and feature overload.

Keeping that in mind, Facebook has now released a few separate apps, like its popular Messenger app, to allow 

its users to explicitly mange their pages and groups without having to log into the complicated Facebook app.

Facebook Groups

Platform: iOS and Android

Regardless of how many groups you’re on Facebook, here’s a standalone app for you to directly mingle with all your groups. Access new posts, share videos and photos and organize events in any of your Facebook groups from the convenience of this app. 

Although designed for Facebook power-users who are activelyinvolved withmultiple groups, there is no reason why everyone can’t take advantage of this convenient app.

What we like

- Distinct, circular icons that represent each group.

- Options to search existing groups and create new ones on top panel.

- Groups dashboard, notifications bar, discoverand settings panels at the bottom.

- Options to toggle push notifications for each group or the whole app.

- Write posts, share photos and videos and create mutual events with ease.

- Get recommendations on new interest groups with the app’s discover feature.

Facebook Pages

Platform: iOS and Android

While Facebook Groups app lets users keep other members informed and engaged, Pages on Facebook helps people market and sometimes even sell their products and services. 

So to allow users to update and manage their pages more effectively, Facebook has come up with a dedicated app that lets you sort out thenitty-gritty details of the pages you manage.

What we like

- The interface closely resembles the actual Facebook app.

- The dashboard and options for creating pages on the top left and tools to add posts, share photos and videos and create page events on top right.

- The bottom panel consists of shortcuts to active pages, page insight, message inbox, notification icons and more slide-in options to manage, draft and schedule posts, view page assets and access page settings.

- You can also edit the visibility of your page, see activity logs, invite your friends and delete whatever pages you do not want.

Published: 11-01-2016 17:34

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