The Magic Beads

  • Planning on throwing out your packet of silica gel beads? Think again.
- Astha Chand, Kathmandu

Jan 11, 2016-

You’ve probably seen and wondered why there’s a pack of clear beads in your new pair of shoes or handbag with a big warning: do not eat, throw away. But wait; don’t throw it away just yet. Silica gel beads dry out and soak up moisture—a normal pack of silica gel beads can soak up to 4gms of water. Here’s a list of things that will give you a reason to not throw the packets out. Start collecting! 

Note: Keep silica gel beads, open or unopened, away from children and pets. If you ingest some by mistake, seek medical attention immediately. 

Dry out flowers

Flowers are a special gesture and come packed with petals of sentiments. Do you throw them away? Of course not! Dry them up intead! You could place them under books but a more effective (and quicker) way is to use silica beads—and lots of them. Fill half a bowl with silica beads and carefully place the flowers that you want to dry out (petals tend to dry out quicker). Then, cover the rest with more silica beads until you can’t see the flowers anymore. The drying time depends on the size of the flowers that you use so make sure that you check every day. 

Preserve old photos 

A photo can speak a thousand words, it can also capture a thousand memories and that is why we’re so attached to our old photos. A lot of the times, though, our old photo prints can fall victim to humidity and moisture, resulting in theprints gettingruined.  To keep your memories fresh, store your old photos in a box and place a sachet or two of silica gel beads in the box; this should suck up the moisture and keep your photos in good condition. Remember to replace the sachets every other year or so.  

Drying out your phone

Either we’ve all been there or we’ve seen someone who has suffered from the ultimate phone suicide: dropping it in water. With our phones being our lifelines, it’s essential that we know how to protect or fix it from any unfortunate situations. 

If your phone decides to take a plunge, immediately remove the sim card, memory cards if any, and the battery if it lets you. Leave it over night in a bowl ofsilica gel beads, making sure that your phone is completely covered (rice is also said to be a good alternative). 

Published: 11-01-2016 17:37

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