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- ZENITH SHAH, Kathmandu

Feb 4, 2016-

Babu, one last bite! Please, for my sake!” Mum begged me to take one last bite. I didn’t budge from my decision to stop eating. A third person watching would have smacked me soundly because I was too old to be fed (turning 16 in the next two months) and I was ignoring my mother. Well, that’s a regular mum’s drama, and I didn’t give it much attention. My mum is a little extra caring woman, and I find her love kind of suffocating. 

Over the past few years, we seem to have moved rapidly ahead due to the advancements in science and technology. And I guess, with it, we have lost the need to give attention to people. I don’t think this actually is development. People seem to have found a world among unknown friends on Facebook, and they don’t give a damn about their neighbours. And the neighbours do the same. Oh, forget neighbours; this rule applies even within the family. The cheap competition for material comforts in today’s world has confined us to our cocoons. A growing passion for alienation earns nothing more than pain in the long term. Surprisingly, people have started preferring that to their family. I know an octogenarian, an exhausted granny who has a few children, a couple of grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren. She is for all of them. However, it seems as if no one is for her. She is forlorn; her every hymn sounds melancholic. She has been abandoned in her own house with a businessman son. She waits for him to come home, but he is always in a hurry.

So let me come back to my mom’s kitchen, my extra-caring mum. I left her with the plate. She smiled for the last time urging me to eat. I hurriedly picked up my bag and rushed out to catch up with my ever running sister. Later, as I stood in my crowded school bus, I had a touch of guilt in my heart. I thought of what my mum would be doing now. Stupid me! I cursed myself for my behaviour. That incident disturbed me the whole day. I know that if a friend had insisted so hard, I would have swallowed even poison. She was my mum! That day, I skipped lunch. 

Indeed, everyone is so busy. We have also forgotten that a little love from us early in the morning can make their entire day beautiful. Mind it, not that smoochy kind of love; I mean the other type of love, which is inexplicable, vague. Every one sitting for the SLC exams this year has mighty objectives for the holiday at the end of the semester. So do I; I have a huge list of things to do. And my mom tops that list. My to-do list includes spending time with her, listening to her and giving her love.

Published: 04-02-2016 08:52

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