The fly and the lizard

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- RIJU REGMI, Kathmandu

Feb 11, 2016-

A fly is sitting next to a light bulb. Suddenly, a lizard lunges at it. The fly manages to save its life but loses its wings. The absence of its wings did not let it fly in a normal manner. This makes the fly really weak. The support of other flies takes it somewhere out of my sight. The next day, the same fly is sitting in a dark place. Seeing the lizard this time, he quickly escapes from the place. The lizard keeps on following, and the fly keeps running. No flies are there to help him that day. While running, he gets trapped in a spider’s web. I could see it making every effort to get out, but it could not.

After a minute and a half, the lizard comes and makes the fly its meal. I was so keen on watching the entire event that I didn’t want to miss a thing by trying to save the fly or creating an obstacle for the lizard. It was really interesting to see the ecological process and the desire of the fly to survive.The fly was so eager to live its life. Maybe it had to look after its children or maybe it had other responsibilities. But how could a lizard understand that? The lizard had to live its life as well by eating regularly. The main aim of both the creatures was to survive. We human beings  do not think much of the fly’s death, but is that not a death? We shed tears when someone close to us dies, we even get into a bad mood when the pet in our house dies. The deaths of a person and an insect are not much different; the only difference is in our feelings. 

The other thing that needs to be highlighted is the desire the fly showed to survive. Despite lacking wings, it tried to free itself with entire effort and tried till its death. When we compare this with our life, a small thing troubles us a lot and 

we go crazy about it. It’s human beings who commit suicide for some minor 

reason. Do we even struggle like the fly? We easily lose hope when some small and minor thing attacks us. Failing in an exam can drive human beings to suicide. What can be crazier than this? 

On the first day, the wounded fly was helped by other flies. Do we care if someone is lying sick on the road? Human beings must call themselves lucky as they can call people when needed, they have modern technology to get rid of physical problems. But still they have a feeling of jealousy and greed that creates an impure environment. If we had proper coordination, life would be much easier and fruitful. No one knows if we will be reborn, but when we are alive, let’s live our life to the fullest.

Published: 11-02-2016 09:00

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