A productive workshop

Feb 19, 2016-

We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned many things. Our will and quest for gaining knowledge took us into the world of curiosityLearning exquisite and different things has always been a trait of human nature. It is that will power and ardour which has made human beings achieve revolutionary success and progress. We are human beings and we have a hunger to learn more. So, with the aim of being productive and charged with a curiosity to learn, we, me and a handful of my friends (Elina Bajgain, Bandana Sunuwar and Rojan Shrestha), and our science teachers Kulraj Rai and Megh Raj Ansari went on a workshop organised by the Nepalese Forum of Microbiology.

On the morning on December 14, all of us marched towards our destination. When we reached the venue, I saw numerous people there discussing and introducing one another. All the people attending the programme seemed to be much more academically sound and qualified than us, as most of them were Bachelor students and above. The programme commenced around 9.45 am and it was initiated by Professor Geoffrey L Smith who came all the way to Nepal from the University of Cambridge, UK. His presentation was praise worthy. His presentation on microorganism, antiseptic surgery, viruses, vaccination and causes of diseases was incredibly interesting. Prof Shiba Kumar Rai too gave a wonderful 

lecture. He gave us a detailed explanation about how vector-borne diseases are caused by various species of mosquitos. Prof Mohammad Aadhil Rashid, from Pakistan, gave us a brief glimpse about antibiotics. He discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of antibiotics and much more. Prof Rameshwor Adhikari, who is the professor of nano-medicine in the field of chemistry, provoked us with his motivating and inspiring presentation. During the presentation, he said, “Dream has opportunity and risk. You never know what life brings to you.  So keep walking and keep dreaming.” It really hit me hard. After his presentation, there was a brief group discussion and then the workshop came to an end.

This type of programme embraces the essence of nascent learning for youngsters like us which plays the role of a catalyst. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned many micro-level things. Our will and quest for gaining knowledge took us into the world of curiosity. Thus, to have a will to do something is a great thing, for action and work usually follow will and nearly always work is followed by success.

Phurba Sherpa

Class 9

Golden Peak High School

Published: 19-02-2016 14:00

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