Let us all lend a helping hand

Feb 19, 2016-

It was winter season. In winter season, as we know, the cities are wrapped with cold and chilly wind. It was around 11 o’clock or so when we had reached New Road. Although it is cold and we need clothes to keep ourselves warm but buying anything that looks nice isn’t good. I always use the philosophy: All that glitters is not gold. It always works. I could see that people had a fever for shopping. In today’s generation, people are very shopaholic. They love shopping. But I am not one of these. Although I like shopping, I am not so addicted towards it. Past crowds of people, we continued towards our destination. As I was walking through the market place with my mother and cousins for a little bit of shopping, I could see huge crowds all around. Everything is so messy and noisy around here. I don’t like it. “Mom, can’t we go back? This place is so loud,” I said. “Wait a minute honey! This is the last shop we are going 

to. Then we will go back home,” my mom replied. “Ah....you have 

been saying this from a long time,” I murmured. “Now let’s go,” Mom said, “I should have never brought you here.”

 Without thinking for even a second I walked ahead. When we reached Basantapur Durbar Square, my cousins went their way. But before they left us, my mum started a topic and a chat begun. You know how girls love chatting but our mothers love it more. As I was waiting for my mum to end the chat, I saw a child begging people to give him some money. He was constantly begging for a rupee but was pushed away by lots of people. I watched him shiver and scream with pain. I was motionlessly standing there watching that child but I didn’t help him. Then he came to ask for some money to a person standing next to me. I thought that the person was very gentle and kind but I was wrong. This young man was as selfish as other people. I was shocked when I saw him kick the child. How can a person be so cruel? Has cruelty captured every one’s soul that they treat people this way? I was saddened by this act and helped the child stand up. I gave

him some money. My mom had just finished her talk when she saw 

me doing this see, and was very pleased. She also added some more money. The child thanked us and went away happily.

 I don’t know why but after doing this I felt very light. I thought that I must help these children grow up properly. I thought about helping these kids on my own. But in order to help them, I need money and to earn money I had to work very hard. Now I came to know the importance of time. My teacher always said, “Everyone has 24 hours to build their careers. But only the ones who use their 24 hours properly can succeed in the future.” 

I had a burning sensation inside me. Why was I wasting my time? Why should I wait for the right time to lend a helping hand? When will the right time come? Thousands of children die of starvation and malnutrition. More than us, our parents, being responsible citizens, should show humanity. That incident taught me to use what I have wisely. It taught me to use what I have been blessed with for the betterment of others. I think everyone should be encouraged to raise their voice and not their hand. Kids 

on the street do not need hands raised at them, instead they want helping hands guiding them towards a better life. 

Anwesha Khadka

Class 9

Kavya School

Published: 19-02-2016 14:01

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