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Feb 25, 2016-

My pre-board Grade X exams are now over, and I have been assiduously revising the topics for the final exams. Flashbacks keep appearing in my mind of a disastrous quake, floods and political blockade. They appear and disappear like bubbles. They have not only hampered our studies but also impaired our psychology. We are not sure about what will happen next. It took quite a long time for educational institutions to re-open after the earthquake. Nepal received relief from many countries, but the country is yet to recover fully. It may take decades for that to happen. There are still some historical monuments, villages and institutions which require either renovation or demolition. We still feel tremors occasionally and hear news reports about them. They have now become a regular thing in our daily lives as we are aware and practice dealing with the effects. 

We unfortunate common Nepali people are still facing the effects of the blockade. No gas cylinders to cook our food and no fuel to ride vehicles. Sleepless nights after a supper of bread and walking on the road have become a common experience. Around a half million high school students will be sitting for their final exams very soon without electricity, gas and fuel to prepare for them. As the students attend coaching classes in school, some have the habit of studying till late at night and others study early in the morning. However, there is no light.  

Load-shedding has not only hindered our study routine but also our daily schedule. Our daily routine like breakfast in the morning and homework in the evening has been totally paralysed. Daily blackouts are annoying. They have not only affected our studies. They also have a negative impact on many other sectors like the office, industry and home. Our internet connections are also badly interrupted by load-shedding. In today’s world, the internet plays an important role for connecting with the outer world and is a convenient source of knowledge. The internet also helps us to become familiar with new technology that emerges daily. We need to go through many application requests when we have to download the application, and this is not possible in the dark. Being on the web for the purpose of gaining knowledge is again impossible in the dark.  

Scarcity and darkness have shattered students’ dreams. How can Nepal become a land of hope for millions when their dreams are being shattered? This is an unaddressed issue which students face every year. The government should take a great leap forward to manage and provide electricity, gas and fuel in the country to ensure a productive outcome in the annual results of our young learners who are Nepal’s future. If this problem is not addressed seriously and promptly, its negative impacts will multiply leaving the country in a bad shape in all the sectors.

Published: 25-02-2016 08:50

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