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Mar 4, 2016-

Pradip Kumar Chaudhary


The new leadership should take the party forward in an unbiased manner. The party should remain united at any cost. This is a tough task as the number of candidates vying for key party positions is large and it is difficult to take everybody under consensus. But I urge leaders that unity is the key for making the party great. Nepali people want development and we cannot serve the public as leaders unless the party is strong. 

Khiman Singh Rayamajhi


Nepali Congress needs such a leadership which can best utilise the natural resources in the country for development. We need industries and electricity in the country and the youths need employment therefore the party has to be guided by pro-development policies. I also hope that our leaders do not engage in factionalism in the party and politics of favouritism. The leadership should be selected on the basis of ability and we cadres will not support factionalism.

Bhuma Sharma Pandey


There is a huge responsibility to implement the newly adopted constitution in the country and the new leadership should be able to do that effectively. In the past, Nepali Congress had engaged in politics of ideology, but now we need to shift our attention to development. The recent border blockade showed how dependent Nepal is on other countries. This is not acceptable. We need a leadership which can utilise country’s resources and stop the brain drain to create a self-sustainable country. We need a strong leadership for the long-term development of education and economy.

Keshab Sitaula


Nepali Congress has to be led by party’s policies and programmes not by individuals. No matter who is elected to top positions, they should improve the party’s organisational structure and adhere to its policies. The new constitution has to be implemented and the leadership should be strong to do that. The need of hour is to uplift the backward communities like Janajatis, Adibasis and Dalits in the country.

Purna Prasad Gautam


I am expecting a leader who can uphold the historical principles and policies of the party and guide the country towards prosperity at the same time. The convention is not merely meant to elect a new leadership but also to formulate the principles which will guide the party. There are bound to be internal competitions in the party for positions, but the leadership should be able to move forward taking everybody into confidence. We have requested our leaders to select an inclusive team which is able to take the party to new heights.

Bam Bahadur Gurung


Nepali Congress is holding its convention at a time when the country is going through a difficult period. So we need to elect a capable person to lead not only the party but also the country. The new constitution was drafted under the leadership of NC and only NC can implement it and maintain peace in the country. It is natural for several leaders to contest for top positions now as NC is a democratic party and the election is a democratic practice. But factionalism has to be ended and the new leadership should be able to take everybody together with consensus.

Chhupimaya Gurung


Factionalism is currently rife in NC so there is an urgent need of unity in the party. We have to bridge the division between the establishment and Deuba factions and the new leadership should comprise of both old and new faces. The country has to move ahead in the path of development and the new leadership should take up the challenge to unite people from the Tarai, hills and mountains. 

Samit KC


The new leadership should first of all end factionalism in the party. The party has to change itself as per the need of time and unite and lead all the cadres. We have to focus on economic development. Recons-truction of earthquake-ravaged structures also has to be carried out urgently. The country has been affected by chronic political instability and communal disharmony of late. Therefore, we need such leaders who can address all these tactfully.

Buchai Seikh


We have to elect the most capable leader who can provide proper guidance and direction to the party. The leader should be able to understand the wishes of cadres and Nepali people as a whole. He has to be guided by BP Koirala’s ideology and move the country forward accordingly.

Sabitra Rai


Factions that have emerged in the party have to be ended immediately. Nepali Congress has to become strong once again so that it can compete with other political forces in the country. The newly adopted constitution has to be implemented and development of the country should be the main principle of the party. There is also a need to rebuild the country after the devastation of last year so the leadership has to be strong.

Published: 04-03-2016 08:35

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