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  • Nabindra Raj Joshi is a youth leader in the Nepali Congress. Close to the establishment faction, Joshi is considered as a good organiser and manager within the party having a fair image. He is contesting for the Central Working Committee membership in the
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Mar 6, 2016-

Where is Nepali Congress heading after the General Convention?

Though there are three factions in the race, it is ultimately a fight between the Ram Chandra Poudel-led panel and the Sher Bahadur Deuba camp. One will emerge victorious in a few days and the party will take a new course. Compared to the last convention held in 2010, the representatives are very conscious and are building pressure on leadership to prioritise party policy over an individual leader. I am hopeful that those who have contributed in the party and are ideologically strong will be elected in the Central Working Committee, which will gradually change the course of the NC.  Politically conscious representatives will make the right decision through their votes.

Are these three factions guided by ideology or just by the personal egos of the three leaders?

There is no ideological difference among the three. This is just a clash between three leaders. Competition of three factions would have not been perceived negatively had it been a healthy one. But the current fight is a result of personal ego. Currently factionalism is so deep-rooted in the party that those from rival factions don’t take each other easily. This has to be changed.

How do you change this?

I agree that change is not going to take place overnight. But we are trying to end such deep-rooted factionalism, and many friends, irrespective of the camp they are close to, today are together in this mission. This convention will elect those leaders who can organise party, have strong ideological stand and have trust on the party rather than on individual leaders. Such leaders will gradually change the party and I firmly believe on it.

Is it possible for any leader to get established in NC’s politics without being close to any faction or leader?

Sadly not. But our party cannot afford to remain the same any longer. Every cadre in the NC must feel that s/he can become central leader even if they don’t have blessings of any faction or leader. We have to work to create such environment right from this convention. If we put continuous pressure on the leadership, they will be bound to get transformed. The age of imposing decisions from the centre is gradually changing now, and the top leaders must listen to the voices from the ground. The party can never be dynamic unless the views of the cadres are reflected in the policy at the centre. 

But there has been a culture in the NC of not having enough discussions on party policy and imposing the one that is formulated by the centre.

I agree. But this is not just the case with the NC. It is the common culture of the parties in the country like ours. However, I strongly feel that the situation is changing. I am lobbying for having a Mahasamiti meeting every year so that intensive discussion on party’s future policy and course. 

You have already been in the CWC and are fighting for the same post again. What is your candidacy for?

The main aim is to get an experience for leadership and to represent the voice of my voters in the CWC. The NC is a party of ideology and conviction which has kept the party strong for more than seven decades. Now it is time to transform the working style and ideology of the party with the changing time and I am the right person for as a CWC member. 

Interview Nabindra Raj Joshi

Published: 06-03-2016 09:39

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