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May 27, 2016-

An appeal for the sake of the nation

Whenever mayhem strikes a country, then the pious land gives birth to people whose veins flow with the blood of the brave and hearts beat with the deepest respect towards the motherland: a patriot. Yes, patriots who can give up their life but can never give up the war against the rivals of the country.

Flipping through the pages of history, we can find many brave patriots who were born for the sake of the motherland. They were the ones who never had any dilemma upon choosing materialistic things over the love of the motherland. They are the ones who fight for the sake of the motherland till their last breath. Thus Nepal holds a brave history. A brave history of those for whom the secularity and freedom of the motherland was superior to their life. 

A brave history of those who had a common thought that cowards die many times before death and to attend martyrdom for the sake of the motherland is the greatest responsibility of their life.

In the present context, the same country which held a brave history has now been knocked down by the mega earthquake, intolerance between different races of citizens and of course the complex geo-politics. The eyes of Gautam Buddha, messenger of peace, are now seeking for the one who will again bring peace and harmony among the citizens and enrich our civilisation. The pious souls of martyrs are desperately searching for the one again to fight against the prevalent socio-economic problems. The idol of Prithivi Narayan Shah is searching in the scorching sun for the one to have been born with his incarnation and to again show our power against the global context.

Engulfing other countries’ resources has now been the global quest of several of the power nations. To satisfy this need, many of the foreign nations are still in the way to create fault between people of various races and suck their resources vigorously; fading their path to development. To prevent our nation from the same evil thoughts, we must revive the same bravery that our ancestors possessed. We must aware the globe that we still possess the same genes of bravery that our ancestors possessed. We must threaten those foes not to make us expose our bravery for the sake of their existence.

This is an appeal for the brave patriots to rise once again for the sake of the country. It is an appeal for the people of various races not to let anyone break the bond of our racial and religious tolerance. So, let’s revive the faith and respect to the motherland with the thought that: “If my motherland wills for blood then sacrifice me.”

Anubhav Ghimire

Class 10

Sky Rider Higher Secondary School

Crossing the bridge

It’s already been more than a month since we bade adieu to our schools. Somewhere under the azure sky, a part of us misses all the fun, the mischievous acts that school had. And yes, it’s only been a month! When we were in school, our world was within the barriers of the school premises. We were unaware of how education revolved around in other parts of the country. Once, we came out of the childish masquerade, the world started to seem different.  Day by day, we have started to move towards the direction of dreams, hopes, and career. The journey has begun for most of us. We have enrolled ourselves into some institutions to fill up the gaps and prepare ourselves. The cycle of learning still befriends us. However, this time, it’s not only familiar places and comfortable choices. We have come to the edge of such a universe where ideas collide, choices differ and knowledge ignites.

After being exposed to a plethora of pupils, scholastic students from all over Nepal, I’ve come to a conclusion. There are times when you don’t get noticed. There are times when you start feeling like a kite lost in a hurricane. There are even such times when you start questioning all your decisions. Once you step out of your little pre-occupied zone, all your life seems to be a lie. I am a part of this current generation where the question, “What next in life?” haunts us every now and then. Some of us still can’t calculate the aftermath of what’s going to occur in future. It’s a time when we acknowledge that we’re having fun but in reality its chaos. Awaiting the SLC results desperately, we are seeking options; and killing time, one way or the other. But, the immediate need to reconsider our ambitions, desire and dreams is showing up.

We are jumping into a time-frame that is going to determine the rest of our lives. It’s a journey to a level that we know nothing of. A small nestling is finally learning to fly. Getting into prestigious colleges, adorning the degrees; is far yet to come. The way to cross the bridge has its puzzles. At one of our recent lectures, we were taught about the colossal syllabuses, responsibilities, dedication and toil that are going to embrace us soon. We are not only crossing the bridge of secondary education to higher one.  Instead, it’s a bridge that connects two phases of life; one that awaits us with maturity, adherence and promises; the other with lassitude, easiness and mere comforts. The latter one already seems to be leaving. And to set foot onto the shore of a completely new depth, we need faith and hopes. It’s a surreal experience: A voyage towards perseverance.

“To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery. To remain on that path requires courage. The bridge that merges the two is commitment.”

It’s a journey unparallel. Finally, a rivulet is going to be flooded into a big vast ocean.

Mimamsha Dhungel

Class 10

LRI School 

A prominent leader

A figure who inspires us

A legend who motivates us

Actions speak louder than words

That’s what we learn from you, our lord

Your selfless devotion

For people and the nation

We owe ourselves to you

We bow our heads to you

Your demise is a great loss

Life and death are like coins you toss

We shall remember your deeds

Someone like you is what a country needs

Pain and difficulties you have had to bear

Today the whole country flows with tears

You have stood for us

You have fought for us

We shall remember you

Tribute to the late leader

Sushil Koirala

May his soul rest in peace

Swayam Shah

Class 7

Gyanodaya Bal Batika School


The Park

It was the time,

During summers in the heart of Leipzig city,

How green and tall the trees stood,

The Ivenack Oak,

Under the clear blue sky,

Which make a day perfect,

Cycling through the park lane,

One could hear the cuckoo sing,

Pigeon’s swarm in their flock,

Those brown wooden benches,

Where the pedestrian’s used to rest,

After a few steps there stands a giant tree,

The tree where I used to climb

Climb with all my efforts even if I was fat,

The tree with its long, tangled branch,

Stood bravely throughout all seasons,

Oh yes, the smell of the grass,

Which takes me back to splendid memory

The Contra Costa flowers and Pansy’s,

Red, pink, purple, yellow

I used to go to nearby food station,

Grab a hotdog and Mezzo Mix,

Walk back from where I came,

With the cycle.

Animon Rapacha

Class 10

Modern Indian School

Published: 27-05-2016 09:01

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