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Jun 14, 2016-

I was drawn by the article on Naya Shakti Nepal (NSN) by Hisila Yami (‘How new is Naya Shakti Nepal’, June 12, Page 6). However, after reading the article, I could not comprehend how new is the NSN is. As per Yami’s argument, the constitution should be neither celebrated nor condemned; we need to implement it. What does this mean? How can political parties implement the constitution if it seems condemnable? I do not understand what kind of a ‘new political system’ the NSN is going to adopt.

 To some extent, I enjoyed reading Yami’s beautiful essay and the five ‘s’s the NSN represents: Samriddha Nepal (Prosperous Nepal); Samanupatic Nepal (Proportionate Nepal); Swadhin Nepal (Sovereign Nepal); Sushashit Nepal (well-governed Nepal); and Samunnat samajwadi Nepal (Enriched socialist Nepal). But it is not clear what the new action plan of the NSN is to attain these lofty goals. Moreover, are these goals any new in comparison to those mentioned in the political manifestos of the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, and the Maoists that are published during every election campaign?

Dakkal Pandit, via email


In his illuminating article on the unfolding robotisation of human society, Bimal Pratap Shah advanced a very attractive proposal to replace our “morally bankrupt” Members of Parliament with Silicon Valley-designed “Android politicians” (‘Rise of the machines’, June 12, Page 7). Since these machines “politicians” could be programmed to work exclusively for national prosperity, this makes a very attractive proposition. However, there would be a huge opportunity cost to it, because there is no telling what these select bunch of 601 no-holds-barred individuals would be doing all over the country once they are let loose from the four walls of Parliament. So, clearly there is no taking chance, given the monstrosity they are capable of. Instead, we should go for an equally effective and less expensive and risky solution. Instead, the Silicon Valley should invent an Android Chief Whip which monitors the activities of the MPs in real time, positions himself at the main entrance of the building and delivers deadly blows to those who are found compromising the national cause for selfish interest. With such a chief whip around, the banker MPs who bought their way to the hallowed hall would have behaved better and the Bafia Bill would have come out unscathed.

Bihari Krishna Shrestha,via email

Published: 14-06-2016 09:00

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