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Jun 15, 2016-

Everyone wants peace and satisfaction. But due to the rigid nature of the human mind, people have to face several hurdles to fulfil the boundless desires that come at each step of the journey of life. Just as people have to go on solving one problem after another, the fulfillment of one desire leads to another. So no one is satisfied. But it is also a fact that if humans become satisfied, the progress of civilisation cannot be imagined. All the progress in this world in each field is the result of human dissatisfaction and boundless desire. Although dissatisfaction is the vital aspect of the human mind, lots of people are suffering from stress or the negative results of dissatisfaction. Many people are unable to manage stress and unlimited wants and are ultimately becoming victims of different maladies like depression. 

In the name of gaining satisfaction, some people leave their family life and become a hermit or monk. They devote their life to the divine power that they have trusted. Maybe they become satisfied to some extent, but they also have to struggle because struggle is a synonym for life. Being upset with life, many people are choosing suicide also. Searching for options and choosing the appropriate one to run life smoothly is regarded as one of the best qualities of human wisdom. Self-respect, self-control, positive attitude, understanding, tolerance and patience are what make life good. 

To get rid of anxiety, a proper analysis of life with a cool mind is of utmost importance. If we make life rigid, it becomes very rigid; and if we make it simple, it becomes very simple too. People torture their minds due to the regret over mistakes they made in the past. But past is past. Learning lessons from mistakes and not repeating them makes life happy. Mahatma Gandhi said not to do bad, listen to bad and speak bad. If people do so, they can gain pleasure in life. The ultimate destination of life is one-time death. But people are dying time to time due to their foolishness at not being able to recognise the power of life. 

Time is flowing at great speed. 

Those who can capture time and utilise it can live a prosperous life. If not, 

they remain still or go backwards. 

Many people think that they are the most unfortunate ones when they 

come across hurdles. But they should understand that many others are 

also facing misfortunes in this world. It is an unavoidable nature of divine power that all the people do not get pleasure in life; some encounter severe obstacles and pain. Those who fight with luck can gain happiness, and those who cannot accept the hurdles suffer a lot. Famous writer Jhamak Ghimire fought with luck and gained the premium achievement in life. Following her example can help people who are cursing their own life to improve their lot.

Published: 15-06-2016 09:09

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