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What is life?

- Drishan Dahal, Kathmandu

Jun 15, 2016-

Just a couple of weeks or before, I was floundering around the streets of Kathmandu and was gyrating around the top of my house with a dizzy brain box. Every day, I used to spend my time on finding the meaning of life, death, the reason I am here on this planet, and the approach to happiness. After rigorous searches insides books Nirwan and The Alchemist, and through profound intuition, I finally got the answer. 

Life is wonderful. Life is a mesmerising convoluted adventure and has no general meaning. Each and every person has their own meaning of life and it is oneself who renders the meaning of one’s life. Life is an opinion. It’s an idea. It begins with the birth of an individual. One day that body will die, but that opinion or idea brought by that individual is immortal. It persists in this world for many years. 

Every now and then I used to think about death. Sometimes I used to fear death and sometimes an inner voice used to try to stir myself to taste death to make the dead end of all the things which had bothered me. Now, I have realised that it’s only a matter of one’s intellectual thinking of how life, death, success or failure is perceived. And there is nothing to be bothered by.

Everything in this universe has a beginning and has an end. Life starts with birth, and death is inevitable. The only question is how and when? One can’t predict one’s lifespan just by calculating the life expectancy of other people. You may die after 10 minutes, after one day, a year, in 10 years or you may live for another 100 years. There is no any hard and fast rule to calculate and predict it. If it’s unfathomable then apprehension about death is absolutely futile. Rather than spending days with that intimidation, it would be far better if one can find or live every second of life with eternal happiness. 

When an individual gets out of the mother’s worm he/she steps on this planet. There is a reason we are born. The more important thing is how and when we discern it. We should be able to know the destiny of life until it’s too late. That last minute of life when you breathe your last breath and realise you have lived your life to its fullest, you will leave this planet with a smile on your face with that happiness which you never felt in your whole life. There is a saying, “When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Yes, that invisible supernatural power will aid you to achieve it. It will plot your track to its destiny. But that doesn’t mean you stay in bed all your life. The reality is you should come on the field to combat every hardship that impedes you to be in your pursuit. Use every ounce of courage you have to work hard. And most importantly, don’t let the thought of losing hope cross your mind. 

In his book, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho says, “Living your personal ledge is the only way to live an enthusiastic and happy life.” However, living the life of a personal legend should be in tandem with recognising one’s duty. People usually fail to apprehend either one of them or both leading to a life full of misery and misfortunes. 

Life is a medley of success and failure, of good times and bad times. Everything is tentative and so are good times and bad. A person living a luxurious life in the palace may be dethroned and might have to face adversity. A person lying on the corner of the road might one day become a billionaire. Even after becoming a millionaire trying to be billionaire may make him unhappy and he might have to live a more hectic life than he had spent on the road. However, happiness cannot always be compared with money or luxury. Even a sage living an altruistic and austere life lives a happy life. On the other hand, the billionaire living an opulent life can’t find the feeling of happiness found by a sage. Happiness is the way one perceives it. Happiness can be found in even trivial things. And it’s our job to search for it and grab it when it comes into our hand. 

Dahal is a recent +2 graduate from Trinity International College 

Published: 15-06-2016 09:18

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